The Den


The Den

This is the section for competitions, the fan art gallery and info on how you can help support this project. Our plan is to keep Reynard City free to download on the site. However in order to get the best quality artwork and to keep it consistent we will need your support. We will be working on a number of extras for our supporters throughout the relaunch and start from just $1 (for simplicity’s sake we’ll put this in dollars, if you pay via Paypal it should convert the currency)


Fan art book contest: Deadline 30 April 2016

We are launching a Kickstarter on 26th January to relaunch the comic. As part of the rewards we will be adding a fanart book as part of the extras people can get. If you would like to be part of post your Reynard City fanart pictures on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Deviantart or email (#reynardcity)

Prize winners will receive a copy of the book plus our digitial goodie package (including short stories, exclusive artwork and more!)

As ever with our contests we will be using an independent judge to look over the entries, any questions email us and we’ll be happy to go over the details!





Relaunch contest (Deadline TBC- Regular prizes!)

To celebrate our relaunch we are holding a special contest- while we are rebooting we need to raise funds and keep people coming here. What would be awesome is if we could get more fanart, fan fiction, videos, OCs to keep this going.

Therefore what we are asking is that you help us by posting things online- whether it’s tumblr, Deviantart, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter it really doesn’t matter. Only rule is to keep it clean and if you use copyrighted characters for any crossover pics make sure you mention them.

Also we would appreciate it if you could include one of the following- a link to the site (, Patreon ( and/or Paypal (

Prizes: Every entrant will receive exclusive online bonuses and we will be picking regular winners for a special Fox Box full of prizes. If you have any questions email or contact us via Facebook/Twitter


How you can help support us

Target- $4000

We are relaunching Reynard City. In order to do this we need your support. Below are a number of extras you can receive by paying either one-off donations through Paypal or Patreon. Our Patreon backers get a number of exclusives for as little as $1 a month- the more we get the more we can support the awesome artists who deserve it!

The examples below are what we currently offer- with more backing we are planning to offer a lot more- more cosplay, a short promotional film, T-shirts and so forth.

Most importantly this is about moving the project forward and helping the creative team who deserve as much support as we can give them!

Any questions? Email us or look up Reynard City on Twitter and Facebook.







Grey of PTA Donation Drive

Big thanks to Grey of PTA who has created these donation drive pictures. Want to see more? Donate to Paypal or Patreon!







Fan art

"Fancy A Race" by Thunderkid92

“Fancy A Race” by Thunderkid92

AK Girl takes a break by Raye Springall

AK Girl takes a break by Raye Springall



Vanitas (Submitted by Van Hikari)

Pic by William Butler

Pic by William Butler

Name: Vanitas Hikari

Powers: flight, shadow shots, shadow teleportation

Weaknesses: has low stamina as far as his powers go due to lack of training, his temper can get the best of him at times, and the more light there is the weaker his shadow shots are, and he can only teleport from shadow to shadow and it is a serious drain on his stamina.

Short Bio: Van was born on the sister planet to Animal Kingdom. While megafox never attacked it, his planet was set upon by another villain, the warp king. Warp King corrupted Van’s friend with promises of power and van fought to snap him out of it, only to get sucked into a warp tear created by his friend during the fight, sending him to Reynard city and giving him his new powers. Now he uses his new abilities to defend the city with the other heroes…..even with his lack of experience or knowledge of his new skills.


Tsubasa Artwork by William Butler

Tsubasa Artwork by William Butler


Name: Tsubasa

Powers: Telekinetic abilities; skilled with swords and knives.; fairly intelligent.

Weaknesses: Low blood sugar (needs to eat sweets a lot); doesn’t have much strength, having to rely on speed and skill instead; doesn’t understand social interactions very well; fear of heights.

Bio: A young wanderer from a version of Earth that is ravaged by demons. In his world, humans have adapted to fighting the demons by creating superpowers in young children. His mental abilities made him a good candidate for telekinetic powers, but have led him to being somewhat of an outcast among those of his age group, leaving him socially clueless. So he instead focused on harnessing his powers and learning to use swords and knives to defend himself and others. After an incident with a strong warp demon known as Xaisum, he ended up at Reynard City. Confused as to the (in his opinion) more peaceful world he’s at, he tries to fit in and find a normal life when he isn’t helping the heroes fight off Mega Fox and the other villains.

Queen of Arts by John Paul Guerra and Pirpintine

Queen of Arts by John Paul Guerra and Pirpintine

Names and Aliases: Becky “Blaire” Bat/ “The Queen Of Arts”

Powers: Her Paint brush can contain multiple colors of “Warp Paint”, allowing her to utilize the abilities they possess. (Ex: Blue can Bring her drawings to life, Red can control her enemies’ minds, and so forth) When not in paint mode, her paint brush can extend into a staff.

Weaknesses: She may be smart but she can also be a bit naive and clumsy at some points. Plus due to her origins she can also be a bit of a troublemaker, sometimes unintentionally causing chaos and madness wherever she goes.

Short Bio: The young orphan Becky was inadvertently spared from Animal Kingdom’s cruel fate when she was adopted by the powerful Warp King, to act as his eventual successor, even going as far as to grant her wish of being a great artist by supplying her with the very Warp Paint she uses in combat. Although as she grew older, the trouble making teen soon left her father’s dimension and settled down on the Earth city known as Reynard City, where she had soon decided to “write her own destiny”, and show her Father she can be something more. Going by the name “The Queen Of Arts” she occasionally tends to go toe-to-toe with the local heroes and cause some mischief here or there. But she still has a sense of right and wrong. When things get rough she puts her own quest aside and ally’s herself with the heroes. And she does try to clean up the messes she accidentally creates, even if it does tend to create an even bigger mess in the process. Where will her quest eventually lead her? Who knows? Maybe the answers she seeks lie with the people she’s searching for…a rumored group of Animal Kingdom “Survivors”…


The Gallery

A mixture of fan art, memes, pics by our artists plus some memories of our trips to various conventions. If you would like to add to it please email us!

Do you like roleplay? Check out our roleplay forum Reynard Citizens here!






















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