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Final festive foxy post of 2016

Thanks to Susie Gander for the pic!

Thanks to Susie Gander for the pic!


First up I want to say a big thank you to everyone who’s been involved with the comic- artists like Dan, Susie, Nicholas and Strider Syd work very hard but there are other people like John Paul Guerra (Youtube/forum), Cmore Trix (music) as well as support from our Patreon backers, sponsors Visualise, HubFizz and Edward Couzens-Lake and the fantastic people I know through Norwich Kitty, RedDuck Producktions.


It’s been a tough year- both in terms of personal and wider issues. After a lot of soul searching, discussion and surveys we decided to relaunch Reynard City. We have been updating on Patreon for a while now regarding the progress of Reynard City Chronicles (what we are calling the new series) but seeing as it’s Christmas I thought I’d share one of the (near completed images) we’ve got (plus a special surprise at the end!)

However things being tough can be oddly positive too- I have learned from my mistakes and the people who have rallied round to get this project going again really made me want to carry on.


So as a quick recap here’s what you can expect in 2017…

  • The current issues aren’t going anywhere and will be archived on the site.
  • We’re getting a website update courtesy of web design specialists Visualise
  • We are launching a Kickstarter next month
  • We have various things that will be launched if the Kickstarter comes off (including T-shirts, comics, merchandise and a short film!

So as promised here is the preview of the first page (lettering still to come)

Artwork by Nicholas Webb and Strider Syd

Artwork by Nicholas Webb and Strider Syd

And finally as promised here is our little bonus, a Chibi AK Girl and Wondervixen by artist Piyther (you can get commissions from her on her Deviantart page)



Merry Christmas and a foxy new year- Look forward to things really kicking off in 2017!


Merry Christmas Susie Hampton

Merry Christmas by Susie Gander

Last call for prints before Christmas!

UPDATE- We will be showing the first full colour picture from Chronicles soon. For a sneak preview of the pages we have so far please back our Patreon!

Also keep an eye out for a future blog as we discuss…the Reynard City Chronicles Relaunch Kickstarter (coming soon January 2017!)




As you may have seen we recently added a print shop to the page (click here for it as well as details on sizes and what’s available)

This Friday will be the last day we will post out items so if you would like a special Festive Fox Box (a print plus added goodies) or a print now is the time to order!

Below are some of the prints we can offer however if you have a specific fave cover, artwork or page from the comic let us know (reynardcity@gmail.com)- we will try and send out as soon as possible but please allow time for printing and postage!



Exhibition update and more

It’s time for another weekly roundup in pic form including an exhibition, a gig and finishing off with an early Christmas present of Norwich City winning 5-0!



Big thanks to St Augustine Art Cafe for supporting us and spreading the word about the comic, if you want fab printing work find out more here

Oh and for those who want to know more about the reboot Nicholas Webb and Strider Syd are working on the update. We are offering sneak previews to our Patreon backers (alongside a number of other awesome extras) but here is the first look at AK Girl’s new look!


Here's a sneak preview of AK Girl's new look for Reynard City Chronicles!

Here’s a sneak preview of AK Girl’s new look for Reynard City Chronicles!

News Roundup

It’s been an interesting week with a few twists and turns here and there!

First of all we had the curious moment when McDonalds faved my doodling on their festive coffee cups (incidentally when you see these pics you will see why we have proper artists on board)




The other big news is on the 28th November we will be doing an exhibition at the St Augustine Art Cafe (info below)


We have a contest happening at the den so if you would like some work featured (or have some favourites you want in there) check out the contest by clicking here (email reynardcity@gmail.com for more info)

There is also time to sponsor the event so if you want to be awesome like HubFizz, Visualise and Edward Couzens Lake click here to find out more about our sponsor packages


Why do you need sponsors/merchandise/Patreon?

Logo by Jed Soriano

Logo by Jed Soriano

You may wonder why we keep talking about Patreon, merchandise and sponsors. The simple fact is we want to keep the online comics free but at the same time we want to support the artists who make it happen.

I have had some feedback regarding the current issues about consistency, quality and so forth. Here’s the thing- this is a story I love and I want to do it in the right way.

This is why our plan is in January to do a Kickstarter to give us the best possible relaunch, focusing on the comic and working with our artist Nicholas Webb to do a 40 page Issue 1- the aim is to produce two of these a year as opposed to trying to do a number of smaller issues every couple of months which proved hard for us to do and was not fair on the artists or the people reading this.

I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has been insanely supportive this year- Susie, Dan, John Paul and the rest of the art team were great, Jed made the logo without me asking, the Norwich Kitty team offered fantastic advice as well as support and of course the Patreons, the sponsors have been great. Oh and also got to give a big shoutout to my comedy heroes Trev and Simon who are fab.

I realise it’s a tough time and nobody has to pay to support this- but believe me when I say the more help we get the better we can make this. People have said 2016 has been a tough year and in some respects that has been true but on the other it has also been great and has helped me see the real love people have shown. Thank you.

Big foxy thanks to our Patrons!

Big foxy thanks to our Patrons!

Finished with the comics? Here's some short stories!


Christmas gift ideas


Special foxy thanks to our sponsors Visualise, HubFizz and Edward Couzens-Lake. Support us by visiting their sites and if you want to be featured in an updated version of this let us know (if you’d like to be a sponsor find out more here– sponsors will get priority!)


Thanks to Susie Gander for the pic!

Thanks to Susie Gander for the pic!


I know some people will read this and go “It’s only just November!” But here’s the thing- it doesn’t hurt to get some ideas going. What I have here is a selection of different types of presents partially based on what we can offer but also in terms of thinking a bit about different ways of doing things, helping to support independent artists, businesses and so forth.


First up a shoutout to the awesome Badge Base who do a range of Reynard City goodies including mugs, badges, tie-pins and loads more. There is usually at least one person that’s a bit awkward so something a bit stylish and unusual that is worth a go!



You may have seen our Patreon where we offer a Fox Box- for £10 a month you will get regular artwork and other items sent straight to you- you can do this as a one off or regularly (more info www.patreon.com.reynardcity)

Away from us there is of course Perrywinkle (shop coming soon though if you want to know more about the comic/project you can contact Susie through the site now)


Gifts you don’t need to wrap up!

There is always likely to be someone you have to get gifts for at the last minute or live far away so shipping something out may/may not reach them. Fret not because there are a couple of items we have you can give that don’t require gift wrap or shipping-



My Life In Bad Jobs: An e-book based on my experiences with certain stressful working environments this is ideal if you know someone who needs to vent sometimes (or just fancies vicariously laughing at the pain of someone else)


The Perfect Platinum Available Now

The Perfect Platinum Available Now


This is the culmination of work featuring a number of our artists- as well as the comics themselves there is also some exclusive fanart, a new fan story and interviews offering insight into our team’s creative process (below is a mini preview gallery you can download it here)

If you would rather order a traditional print book then Edward Couzens-Lake as a fine range (including Norwich City based trivia books and biographies, more available here)

I also highly recommend some fantastic work by the awesome authors Dan Wright (click here) and Morgan S Comnick (here)




Getting beautiful artwork printed is something that people will love. A great way to do that is through a professional printers (A good local one is Wellington Green Prints but there are a number about).

Speaking of prints a lot of artists do commission work with prints- a couple of fantastic examples include Danielle Gransaull and Tess Stevenson (click on the names for their artwork!)


Danielle Gransaull

Danielle Gransaull

Chibi WV coloured by Tess Stevenson

Chibi WV coloured by Tess Stevenson

Also I know a number of artists that offer commissions so click the pics below if you like their styles!


Independent comics


There are lots of great independent comics out there. The chances are if you know someone who enjoys comics you may have got them a Marvel or a DC one. However there is a wide range out there.

If you know someone who is an older comic fan then I recommend Vanguard by Dan Butcher. It’s a brutal satire but is ideal for fans of comics like 2000AD or Watchmen or dystopian fiction in general.

Independent clothing companies

Checking out Working Title Clothing

Checking out Working Title Clothing

Working Title Clothing are a local brand that do fantastic T-shirts and support local artists, so are worthy of a shoutout here (and if we get enough sponsors together they will get a Reynard City T-shirt line going as well!)

Back a crowdfund

A crowdfunder is a relatively cheap way of getting fab items while at the same time supporting independent productions. Below are a couple of great examples!

Still time to support this awesome project!

Still time to support this awesome project!

Loved Trev and Simon as a kid and there are so many awesome extras with this one!

Loved Trev and Simon as a kid and there are so many awesome extras with this one!

And of course there is our Patreon as well (or you can donate to our Paypal link for goodies as well!)



Another thing to consider is experiences- think of things people will enjoy but may not have tried before or have talked about but didn’t think of it. For example Sim-Fly offer great flight simulation packages and that can be great fun (plus they have a great aviation museum as well if you’re a fan of that!)


General gift tips

  1. Charity shops- You’d be surprised what you can find in charity shops. For example artwork, glassware and books are a lot more affordable from charity shops.
  2. Mix it up- A bag full of items you know someone will like can often be fun too (I like to call mine “the envelope of mystery!”
  3. Plan it out- If you can avoid busy times when shopping for gifts, no point stressing out. Give yourself a budget and stick to it.
  4. Secret Santa- If you have housemates or work in an office this can often work better as it means not having to get something for everyone (or failing that a tin of sweets or something to share can be good too)
  5. When ordering online give plenty of time for delivery
  6. Keep receipts (just in case) and check when vouchers expire.

Finally a massive thank you to everyone who has supported us over the year. It has not been easy but the support shown by so many fantastic people has been inspiring. We have big plans for next year and with your help we can make Reynard City bigger and better!


Finished with the comics? Here's some short stories!

Finished with the comics? Here’s some short stories!