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Exhibition update and more

It’s time for another weekly roundup in pic form including an exhibition, a gig and finishing off with an early Christmas present of Norwich City winning 5-0!



Big thanks to St Augustine Art Cafe for supporting us and spreading the word about the comic, if you want fab printing work find out more here

Oh and for those who want to know more about the reboot Nicholas Webb and Strider Syd are working on the update. We are offering sneak previews to our Patreon backers (alongside a number of other awesome extras) but here is the first look at AK Girl’s new look!


Here's a sneak preview of AK Girl's new look for Reynard City Chronicles!

Here’s a sneak preview of AK Girl’s new look for Reynard City Chronicles!

Norwich Art Shop display goes up tomorrow!

Hi everyone- those of you who follow us on Twitter and Facebook will have seen we will have a display at the Norwich Art Shop. If you are in the Norwich area and want to buy some prints and postcards now is the time!

The Norwich Art Shop will be open tomorrow and to celebrate the shop will be open from 11am-8pm and there is a wide range of art available direct from the artists (event page is up here)


If you’re not available in the Norwich area don’t worry, you can order prints, comics and more from the Den (below are a few examples) Or if you’d like to support the project and help out our artists you can donate here (all donations super appreciated!)

How it works

We share the profits we earn from merchandise, sponsorship and so forth with our artists. The more support we get the better. As well as working with local artists we have also collaborated with actors from the Sewell Barn theatre, musicians and costume designers. With your help we can push the project even further (see the “in production” section)



A Tale Of Two Worlds Pg12AKGirlartcardAlternotron art card


Special thanks

We’d also like to say a big foxy thanks to Warrior Fightwear for sponsoring this display and everyone who has supported the project (see the issue pages and credits). If you’d like to sponsor any future events check out our ad package page here



Interstellar review

As ever with my reviews the aim is to keep spoilers to a minimum. However I do feel in order to totally limit spoilers just go and watch the film then see if you agree with the critics!

I’m going to say this upfront- I love Christopher Nolan’s films, ranging from the mind boggling Inception to the quieter and (in my personal opinion) under-rated remake of Insomnia. True there was some backlash from fans about Dark Knight Rises but again I personally think it’s a film that’s a bit worse than two brilliant films (A similar thought to Godfather 3, another film that I think gets an unfair critical kicking).

Interstellar is big, epic and ambitious, with some truly exceptional images and breathtaking cinematography. However it is also a film that is about love and has a strong family drama as a big part of the narrative as well. This may well put some people off and if so fair enough. For me personally this was not a problem!

Matthew McConaughey continues his recent career resurgence with a strong performance that is more intense than his usual casual demeanour suggests.  The strong supporting cast includes Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain and the now obligatory inclusion of Sir Michael Caine (although to be fair he does do his obligatory mentor role well!) There is also a crucial supporting actor I didn’t know about who was very surprising (and I will say no more here).

There are various twists and turns in the movie concerning the need to find life on other planets as well as a more personal story entangled with the exploration. How the two threads come together is fascinating and it is this that caused a lot of debate.

The showing at Norwich Cinema City was followed by a Q and A with Dr Vincent M Gaine and a number of Norwich based scholars. The debate was fascinating and it was clear a number of them did not share my love for the film (although my personal opinion is a lot of the intellectual analysis rather missed the point of the intimate nature of the story and there was a lot of unfair shots at the narrative that for me seemed more a dig at Hollywood narrative in general). I hope more cinemas do this as it really added another layer to the experience and if you get the chance to go to something similar I heartily recommend you do!

Finally a plea- if you do watch this, watch it in the cinema. This is something that is meant both for the grand scale of the big screen but also for the shared experience of a collective audience. You may love it, you may hate it, but without question it is an experience that I think people should have while they have the chance.


Mustard Coffee House Guest Blog

Mustard Coffee House is a coffee shop in Bridewell Alley in the heart of Norwich city centre. This area (known as “Norwich Lanes”) is well known for independent shops, coffee shops and restaurants and it’s here that owner Elaine Reilly has arranged an exhibition of Reynard City framed prints this month.




How long have you been running the Mustard Coffee House?

We have been here for a year now, we bought the cafe from a couple who had done a lot of work and we are gradually putting our own stamp on things.

Norwich has a number of independent coffee shops. How does yours stand out?

We roast our own coffee here on site which makes us unique and we like our customers to think of mustard as a home from home.


You regularly promote local artists with displays in your coffee shop. Why do you think this is important?
Norwich has a wonderful artist community and I think people don’t always realise what a rich seam of talent there is so having the chance to promote some of it is very special.

Why did you choose Reynard Cty for your latest exhibition?

I’ve always loved comic books! And it’s good to broaden the spectrum of the type of art we show.


What is your favourite picture from the exhibition?

It would be the “Midnight” sketch (by Raye Springall) – just an old romantic at heart!


Reynard City Contest Entry by Raye Springall

Contest entry by Raye Springall

Did you enjoy comics growing up?

Yes, as a child my favourites were Thor and Captain America.

If you could have a coffee with any superhero who would it be?

It would have to be Thor, he was my hero as a child.

Who would play you in the film of your life?

I can’t see that ever being made , would be very dull. There’s been a lot of debate amongst the family about this but sadly we haven’t come to any sensible conclusion.


Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?
Retiring to my fave place in the world – Luxembourg




Special foxy thanks to Mustard Coffee House for exhibiting our artists’ prints! Remember everything we sell allows us to cover our costs and support our artists (Prints and other merchandise are available on the site if you are outside Norwich as well!) If you’re in Norwich go to Bridewell Alley to enjoy some fantastic coffee and see our display (More info here)- 

If you have an event, comic or creative project to promote email reynardcity@gmail.com to submit a guest blog- Sponsors get priority.

Busy Week

It has been another nutty week. It started off on Monday when I was at the UEA recording an audio sketch “The Philosophical Musings of Tim from his Shed”.  Basically this was me rambling in a posh voice, asking such vital questions as “What would happen if Superman was bitten by a radioactive spider?”


38mm Button RC

Tuesday and Wednesday saw two meetings with 99 Squared and Lovewell Blake, both very interesting and with a lot of potential in pushing Reynard City further forward. The same goes for Norwich Kitty on the Thursday, followed by a trip to the Puppet Theatre (always reminds me of This Is Spinal Tap)  to see the UEA Headlights perform their first solo show Full Beam (featuring the aforementioned audio sketch and Gritty Reboots, a sketch I wrote featuring a Johnny Depp impression, The Rock as Postman Pat and Adele singing the Postman Pat theme).

Full credit to the Headlights team they did a top job and it was a great example of a team working together to put on a fab show (like the Muppets but with fewer strings)!

Friday was article work and comedy society but it was yesterday that proved to be the busiest day of all.

The morning saw me race from Cringleford (about 45 minutes from Norwich City Centre) to my house to pick up gear for the Norwich Game Expo at Epic Studios. Thankfully Paul our programmer and artist Andy Carolan were on hand to help the promotion push as I slowly recovered from my rushing about. It was great chatting with people (everyone from little kids to the Liberal Democrat MP Simon Wright, who in no way, shape or form resembles Will from The Inbetweeners) and finding out about the wide variety of gaming projects going on in our local area.


Reynard City videogame screenshot

Finally I made my improv debut with the Intellectual Hooligans, alongside UEA Headlights founder Daniel Taylor and newcomer Ng Yi-Sheng. It was the Norwich Fringe (like the Edinburgh Fringe but smaller) and we were determined to give it our best shot.

What happened was truly bizarre but wonderful. The stage was invaded numerous times by Gavin, a member of a stag do (minus groom and best man!) who got in on the act, becoming an honorary Intellectual Hooligan and special guest star.


Special guest star Gavin.
Special guest star Gavin.


We were also interrupted towards the end by two people dressed as the Bananas in Pyjamas. This turned out to be a test of our improv skills as most of our carefully structured ideas were flung out the window.

And so the day ended and we sat down to a well earned drink at the Maddermarket Theatre Bar. As I write this I am preparing for my afternoon coffee and planning to nap for a while!


The end of the day.
The end of the day.


For those of you in the Norwich area you can catch us next Tuesday at the Lounge (7.30pm) and Epic Studios next Thursday (5.30pm). Best of all it’s free!


Oh and don’t forget we’re still looking for entries for the AK Girl art contest. Email your entries before the end of October!


AK Girl by Arrowny 18
AK Girl by Arrowny 18