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Event Update

Hi everyone- it’s another day for big news!

Happy to say that our first exhibition event has been confirmed, it’ll be on the 25th August at the Indigo Tattoo and Piercing Studio in Norwich (Lower Goat Lane to be exact) http://www.facebook.com/events/548153105230720/?fref=ts

After the initial launch event prints and framed pictures from our fantastic artists as well as other goodies will be on sale. If you would like your work considered for it email it to us reynardcity@gmail.com and you could get your work sold with us!


As well as buying some cool stuff we will also have material on hand to tell people more about our project and our plans for the future (including a big exclusive regarding our animation project, so keep your eye on the event page!)

Issue 23 preview

Coming up after that is the Norcon sci fi convention at the Holiday Inn. This event has always been good and the guys there have always looked after us!

Will Turner and Jess

Reynard City producer Will Turner and sales wiz Jess Austin at Norcon 2011. Top work!

Our aim is always to be on the best possible show. In order to do this we need sponsors (it also means we can give more of a cut to our artists, who work hard and deserve credit for their efforts).

This is why we have updated our sponsor packages so that we can do more and make the project sustainable for the people that make it happen!

If you would like more details on the events we have coming up and what you can do to support us (and promote your business) email reynardcity@gmail.com