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Instagram and news roundup Week 5

Website update

Happy to announce Visualise have started work on our website update for the relaunch. We’ve been doing a few slight tweaks on the current site to update it including some new bios on the front and access to comics on the front.

Jo Keeble promotes us in New York!

Jo Keeble promotes us in New York!

For those of you that missed it our new Perfect Platinum Collection ebook is available now (more info here!)

The Perfect Platinum Available Now

The Perfect Platinum Available Now

We also got our best hits this week after posting up the Foxy Bop Cosplay Gallery. If you would like to see more Reynard City cosplays please donate and we’ll commission more (also if we hit $100 in backers we will release more extras on the site, you can post them here)

I’ll be posting an article on Patreon etc soon but if you have any questions you can comment below, email us (reynardcity@gmail.com) or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Every $1 helps us out and will be a big part of making our relaunch as good as it can possibly be, as well as supporting the artists that deserve it!

Kick Close Up

Kick Close Up

This week it’s fun and games, including promotion at Norcon, London Film and Comic Con and more! 


Happy birthday Alan A Andrew

Happy birthday to the very talented photographer Alan A Andrew, another example of some of the fine people we have working on our Patreon extras!


Thanks to Alan A Andrew for his work on the Foxy Bop Cosplay Gallery. If you would like to see the full gallery (as well as a range of extras including short stories, artwork and exclusive updates) please back our Patreon or donate to our Paypal for a one-off donation!

You can see more of Alan’s fantastic photography on his Facebook page here




Patreon preview

Hi everyone- First up there seems to be a bit of confusion regarding the comic. While it is on hold at the moment I want to make clear that if we can get enough support then it will get going again. However first of all we need backing in order to do that.

With this in mind I wanted to give you an idea of what you can get for it. Bear in mind if you don’t want to support us via Patreon  you can also do it via Paypal



Cosplay galleries ($1 a month)

If we can get enough Patreon supporters going we intend to commission more cosplay pictures. Our first gallery is by the aptly named Foxy Bop Cosplay And Modelling (click for the link, she has also done some other excellent cosplay designs as well including my personal fave 90’s cartoon Rogue from X-Men!)

The Fox Box ($10 a month)


Signed artwork straight to your door (plus a few other surprises!)


Extras ($1 a month)


Puzzles, audio and more, all available. But here is a big one- exclusive short stories! We will be presenting regular stories every month. In short if you can donate to us you will not only get regular content but you donating will help us get the comic going again.

And to give you a chance to see what we’re talking about here is the intro and opening chapter!



So some people have asked me about where the Reynard City characters come from. One answer is obvious- the planet Animal Kingdom. In some of the issues and bonus issues of the comic we’ve covered some of the questions about the planet Animal Kingdom.


But the feedback I’ve had has made me think there are a few plotholes- why did Vibes sucker punch Guillermo? Was it really necessary to give her that caramel weakness? There’s a load of others that I won’t go into right now but what I will say is this- this story will give you the background of how the planet Animal Kingdom ended up with Mega Fox as its evil ruler and a whole bunch of other stuff besides.


With that in mind, let’s get started!


Chapter 1- Ark 1




It all started on Ark 1. A group of animals sent into space, the first to colonise a distant planet. As with previous voyages the intention was that these animals would make sure that this was safe and that any humans going to the newly colonised and converted planets could breathe, move about and generally frolic in peace and harmony.


But these were no ordinary animals. With the development of speech technology the crew of Ark 1 were exploring whether or not it was possible to give animals the ability to speak and communicate.


It should have been straightforward (well as straightforward as experiments in space can be).


However things did not go to plan- as Ark 1 headed towards its intended target destination a strange purple portal emerged. Ark 1 passed through and the contact with the crew was lost.




As the dust settled, the animals gathered round, trying in vain to wake up the crew. “Please…wake…up” Mummy Bear begged, but their beloved caretakers refused to move. It was then the animals slowly began to realise that they had to fend for themselves.


Over time the animals watched videos, read books, looked up information. It was strange, almost as if the portal had awakened something in them, changed them. As they began to learn more and more they knew that this was the chance to create something, to build their own society.


This meant that they knew how to create buildings, farm. Years passed, followed by decades and centuries. The animals from Ark 1 became a legend and the whole concept of humans became largely forgotten.


But what the animals didn’t realise was that their arrival on the planet known as Animal Kingdom wasn’t an accident. The whole process was being overseen by a being known as Warp King, a strange man in a purple hat with a half robot face.


The warp essentially is the dimension between space and time- people talk about the fabric of space and time. Essentially the warp is the stitching keeping it together. Unfortunately for a lot of people in existence the force in charge of said stitching was prone to the odd game.


In this case Warp King was intrigued- he had witnessed the development of Earth and seen how it had gone from cavemen to the internet. Now he was seeing how animals would handle that same break.


Animal Kingdom was made up of various sections- the French Quarter was known for its incredible food and music, Swamptown was a bit of a backwater but was more charming than its name suggested while Pinball City was the place that everyone dreamed of going to but then found the reality of dream chasing meant they longed for their hometowns that previously imprisoned them.


Sure enough while some things changed a lot remained the same- the animals went to work, played games, formed governments and generally just about got on with each other.




All of this changed when the Rodriguez clan emerged…

"It's reading time!"

“It’s reading time!”


Interview with Foxy Bop Cosplay

Our Patreon page is coming soon. We will be offering a bunch of exclusive extras from just £1 per month and part of this will be an exclusive gallery of AK Girl pics by cosplay artist Foxy Bop (Find out more about her fantastic work here. If you would like a sneak preview you can donate to the Reynard City project here)


When did you first start doing cosplay and what inspired you?

I first started cosplaying in May of 2015! I made friends with someone who did the most amazing cosplay of Commander Shepherd from Mass Effect and I got hooked on the idea of bringing characters to life!

How do you define cosplay?

I would define cosplay as bringing childish spirit into adulthood and revisiting the characters from your youth (and from today!) who inspired you.

How did you prepare for the AK Girl photo shoot?

For AK Girl I had to make a spandex bodysuit and then modify the trim to be more inkeeping with the comics. Then I stitched the logo onto it that I had traced (which wasn’t easy!). I got myself some fox ears and used kirby grips to attach them to a wig and stuffed a fox tail with padding and wire to make it stay in position.

Finally I bought some brown contacts and face paint and went to town on it! Sounds an awful lot of work when you write it down!

What advice do you have for people who want to cosplay?

If you want to cosplay, just go for it! It doesn’t matter whether you think you won’t suit the character or not. Your love for them will shine through! I’m totally the wrong body shape for some of the anime characters I cosplay but hey, I feel badass cosplaying them!


What are your plans for 2016? 

My plans for 2016 are going to include upgrading my crafting skills and trying my hand at foam construction. I’ll also be attending a lot more conventions this year as well as guesting at some! Hope to see some of you there!

Reynard City New Year Patreon and Reward Scheme Announcement

2015 has been both a good year and a challenging year. As ever we’ve been lucky to have both great artists step up for us and quite possibly the most awesome and patient fans we could ask for.

However this is why we’re going to slightly change things for 2016. There is a lot we want to do and finding ways to fund Reynard City have been difficult. The Kickstarter backers have been awesome (we will get those final rewards to you!) but this is more about long term funding in order to push things forward.

Basically we’re going to be doing more rewards. As well as through Patreon we will also be offering them through the website directly (you can donate through Paypal here)

One example (that we’ve been teasing a bit!) is some exclusive Reynard City pics by cosplayers that will be available to donors. Our first official donation cosplay is by the awesome Foxy Bop Cosplay– this is a pre-makeup/photo shoot pic.




We will start with basic access to these pics at £1 per month with more extras to come (including an online book project I’ve been working on for a while!)

Another extra that will cost a bit more (still working out costs) will be what I’m currently calling The Fox Box- a Lootcrate style box with various goodies inside from awesome merchandisers like Badge Base, Pegstar Designs and Cabaret Keeley. We’ll bring them out with each comic because I think it’d be cool to have goodies to go with the comic.


38mm Button RC

These are just a couple of examples of things we have planned, plus there will be things that will be “first peek” for backers that will be passed on later on. This is as much to do with making sure the comics get out regularly as well, so that we have fewer delays and get a better deal for the people working on them. I will put in a more detailed break down of extras re each individual project in the New Year and as we work out costs etc.

We also want you to get involved- if you want to do art, videos or other things to be included as extras please get in touch- we will share out the funds with the people involved. Don’t worry- the main online comics will still be free and nothing will change that.

I will do a proper thank you post around Christmas but for now I want you all to know that you are part of something that is incredibly special to me but also something that I want to be special to everyone.

If you have any suggestions for extras, want to get involved or have any questions, email reynardcity@gmail.com, comment below, tweet, FB post us etc (depending on where you read this)- we want to hear from you!