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Your support needed- big events coming up!

I love doing events and especially when there’s the chance to do some good. As well as promoting our group and supporting our artists we are also looking to raise money for some cancer charities as well. If we hit our targets we can cover our costs and ensure a substantial amount to help combat cancer.

If you can’t attend or you’re not based in the local area we would still really appreciate donations to help support our group and some fantastic causes- More info here

We’d also like to say massive thanks to our latest sponsors Edward Couzens-Lake and Leapfrog Training. If you would like to be sponsors too check out http://www.reynardcity.com/advertise or chip in and get cool prizes at http://www.reynardcity.com/donate


Reynard City Quiz And Chips Night

(10th August Hinks Meadow Village Hall, Thorpe Marriott)


A Tale Of Two Worlds COVER72dpi


Enjoy some fab food, take part in a quiz AND get some cool prizes! Hosted by Reynard City’s No. 1 fan and cancer survivor Gizzy Linnell this is your chance to have fun and be awesome. Get your quiz teams together now, more info here!


Reynard City Art Exhibition Launch Party 25th August

(Indigo Tattoo And Body Piercing, Lower Goat Lane, Norwich)




Big thanks to Indigo who will be displaying our artwork as part of their commitment to artwork in the community. This is your chance to buy framed prints, comics and more. For each purchase a donation will be made to local cancer charities, for more info come here.

Gizzy’s Story

With Reynard City my hope is people enjoy the story and want to be a part of what we do. In Gizzy’s case it was a bit more than that. He wanted to share his story with you and in my opinion it’s pretty amazing…



My name is Graham but my friends call me Gizzy. Since I met Will Turner at the 2010 NorCon and I saw the comic for the the first time I was amazed and hooked. The idea of superhero foxes really got me intrigued.

I left The 2010 Norcon and when i got home downloaded the collection so far.  Once i started reading I was sucked in to the stories! As I turned the pages I was amazed and found myself being drawn in to the story more and more.

In 2012 the Reynard City comic helped me a through a rough time in my life. I read these fantastic stories while I went though my chemo. They helped me keep positive, seeing my favourite heroes battling away!

Now in 2013 my now best friend Will Turner has asked me to become one of the heroes from the stories i have come to love for conventions such as Norcon and even MCM comic con so i would just like to say thank you to Reynard City for everything.

Graham Linnell aka Gizzy


I’d just like to add Gizzy has been super supportive of our project and we thank him for being a part of our team too!


Megamorph red

Beat the crowd!

In recent times I was given a great tip regarding crowd source funding websites. If you’re not familiar with Kickstarter et al these are sites where you raise money by promising people rewards in exchange for donation.

The problem with these sites is that you are not allowed financial incentives such as shares in sponsorship, merchandise etc. But then this is my website and I can offer whatever reward I like.

The big target is £11,000 (roughly $22,000) . This is what we need in order to produce and post online three episodes of the animated series.

It is also worth remembering that with each donation we will give an amount to the Big C cancer charity as well.

If you want to know more please click here https://reynardcity.com/advertise/donate or email reynardcity@gmail.com

Massive thanks in advance 🙂

Please help support Nicholas Webb

 It’s always sad to hear bad news about your friends. In this case it’s very bad because Nicholas Webb has worked hard for us. Unfortunately he and his family are having problems because his father is suffering from cancer.

  I feel it’s important we do our bit to help which is why tomorrow night the proceeds from our £1 gift bags we’re selling at the Olives comedy night in Norwich will be going straight to Nicholas and his family. If you want to help too you can find out more by going to http://www.zazzle.com/blademanunitpi  or http://blademanunitpi.imagekind.com/ 

      We will also be sending a percentage of any sponsorship we’ll be getting over the next few weeks or as long as Nicholas and his family need the help. If you want you can also donate via Paypal reynardcity@gmail.com (Make sure  you include the word “DONATION” in the message.)