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The chance to make a dream come true

I freely admit that even now, as a 30 year old man, I love cartoons. Not just any cartoons but good ones!

I was lucky when I was little as the 90’s cartoons seemed to be (for the most part) broadly divided into two- the comic faithful adaptations of X-Men, Spider-Man, Batman and so forth. These were shows that you had to be there for, for me they were my Lost, Dr Who etc (Here is a top example of an opening them that gets you psyched for whatever follows- trust me this theme will stay in your head!)

The other kind were your Earthworm Jim, Adventures of Sonic, Freakazoid, Animaniacs type cartoons. These were the ones that were wacky, fuelled with bright colours and energy. These were shows that seemed to be made by people who probably ate candy for breakfast and had caffiene injected directly into their brains (as evidenced from this intro.)

Now as an adult I have the chance to work with some brilliant people on my cartoon. I would describe Reynard City as a cross between those two types of cartoon- the comic adventure mixed with a sense of nuttiness. And YOU have the chance to help make this happen!

Whether it’s bigging us up on Twitter (@ReynardCity), Facebook or plugging us on your website or blog, it all helps. The people who have worked hard on this deserve your support. If you can support us directly (www.reynardcity.com/donate or www.reynardcity.com/advertise)

If you want more info on current developments on this and other projects, email me reynardcity@gmail.com


Welcome to Reynard City

Artwork by Nicholas Webb and Strider Syd

Artwork by Nicholas Webb and Strider Syd

The Reynard City Chronicles Kickstarter is now live- click the pic above or here for the link!


Welcome to Reynard City, a Saturday morning cartoon in webcomic form (watch the video below to find out more!)


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The Perfect Platinum Available Now

Now available on Amazon (click here for more info)

A trip to a concert takes a very dark turn. What follows is a story where the dark past of Sally Vixen is fully revealed.

Available now for Patreon backers (click here to donate) or £3 to Paypal if you want to do a one-off donation.

The collection includes-

  • All issues of the Perfect Platinum story from Issue 16 (Rock and Load) to Issue 21 (Subconscious Pt 2)
  • Prequel stories Chubby Little Secret and Revelation
  • Introduction featuring insights from artists like Jed Soriano and Susie Gander and other contributors such as Jessica Austin (Norcon) and Rachel Keeley (Maybe Someday)
  • New short story by contest winner Van Hikari

Remember: buying this collection helps to support our artists and keep this project going. Massive thanks to everyone who backs us, if you’d like to know more either click here or email reynardcity@gmail.com




New series Reynard City Chronicles coming soon- more info here


Logo by Jed Soriano

Logo by Jed Soriano





Good Guys


Bad guys




Comics (click to read online, right click and “save as” to download)



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Reynard City Issue 3

Issue 4


Issue 6



Issue 9 Art by Kirsty Swan


Issue 11 artwork by Nicholas Webb and Stryder Syd

Issue 12

Issue 13


Issue 15

Rock n Load (Pablo Lizalde)

Issue 17 cover by Chaotic Drakness, art by Dan Butcher

Iss 18 Artwork by Susie Hampton and Pablo Lizalde

Issue 19 artwork by Bijoy and Dan


The conclusion to the first Reynard City story arc

Issue 22

Out of Shape cover by Susie Gander

Reynard City Issue 24 cover by Nicholas Webb

reynard city 25


Enjoy these?  Want more? We have bonus issues (click on the pics below!)


Mega Fox by SanchezGoesWest




Chubby Little Secret (Dan Butcher/Ielle Palmer)



Alternotron by Jed Soriano

Queen of Arts by John Paul Guerra and Pirpintine

rc_cover copy

"What is that thing?" by John Paul Guerra

Finished with the comics? Here's some short stories!

Finished with the comics? Here’s some short stories!



















Download the issues here today!

About the site- This is not just the home of our online comic! We are dedicated to supporting a wide range of artistic talent. As well as artists we also help promote designers, musicians, acting talent and more. Keep an eye on the blogs for upcoming news on the project as well as how you can get involved!


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Perrywinkle is an excellent semi-autobiographic comic by Susie Gander about her fight with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. To find out more click here



Vanguard is Dan Butcher’s excellent satirical superhero comic epic, ideal for fans of 2000AD, Paul Verhoven and/or Watchmen, click here to find out more.

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Saving Gabriel review

Zoe's latest work Saving Gabriel out now, get it here http://www.kobobooks.com/ebook/Saving-Gabriel/book-oA3e8ni1XUSGkUytd-KhtQ/page1.html?s=C0vDB0MM2ESGtKCxoq8o8g&r=9
Zoe E. Whitten is a committed author and independent book reviewer. You can order her book Saving Gabriel here 

Saving Gabriel


Supernatural romantic dramas are nothing new and indeed with the likes of Twilight are probably more popular than ever. There have also been films and TV shows concerning the business of angels. What you don’t see too often is the combination of the two.


Saving Gabriel is a mixture of the two genres but author Zoe E.Whitten traverses both these genres without the story feeling disjointed. This is partially achieved by having two narrators in the first person, giving us two different perspectives on the events (but at the same time not repeating herself too much, ensuring we maintain our interest).


The thing that fascinates me personally most about the story was the nature of the supernatural world. Any scriptwriting student learns about the rules of a story and fantasy is one of the most stringent genres of all. You need to establish clear rules of how the magic and supernatural elements work in order for people to work with it.


Thankfully Zoe does this by clearly showing how the ranks of the supernatural world work. While the central murder mystery of the story is fascinating, the idea of an organisation of angels that assesses the morality of the supernatural beings and their interaction of humanity is fascinating.


The other side of this (and for some readers this is likely to be the most controversial) is the presentation of Lucifer. Lucifer in this story is indeed evil but we get the idea that he is almost super-rational, his charm and schemes making him a fascinating villain in the way that the Devil should be!


This makes the book sound very serious. However it has some hilarious description such as “sexy spelunking” and the banter between characters is a light relief from the philosophical central themes of love and loss, murder and morality.


In short I think this is a fascinating story that engages from start to finish and was truly satisfying to read. And the tease at the end gives hope for more intriguing stories to come!


Saving Gabriel on sale now!

Making it happen in 2013!

Hopefully you will have seen the updates to our page but if not here’s a quick recap of what’s going on in the world of RC!

Wondervixen by Lady Cybercat, colours by Nicholas Webb

1. Sponsors- We have updated our sponsor packages so if you have something you want you want to promote come and have a look.  We’re also considering product placement so if you want to get your company in the comic get in contact and we’ll arrange a specially tailored deal for you. On top of this we will also be offering our sponsors some exclusive prizes.

Laura "Proper Loopy" Chapman as AK Girl

2. The reward scheme- We’ve also got some new rewards coming up, keep an eye on this page for updates! Remember if you want to club together with people you can do that too! Rewards range from merchandise like keyrings going up to cameo appearances in the graphic novel and the cartoon and even becoming a partner and getting a share in our business!


3. Issue 21- It’s on the way! Jed Soriano (a top artist on Deviantart) has this to say on it “Sorry it’s taking so long but this is my first go at a main storyline issue and I don’t want it to be half arsed”. If you’ve been following our “Story So Far” you’ll know it’s worth it! I can also reveal that Issue 22 is very nearly complete while 23 and 24 are being worked on as we speak!

RC Issue 21 Pg 9

4. The graphic novel- Chapter 1 will soon be ready in rough. Another top Deviantart artist is working on this (Juston de Cristofaro) and his efforts are definitely worth the wait.

The first Reynard City graphic novel

A Tale of Two Worlds pg 1

5. The video game- The team are working hard on this and again it is definitely going to be pleasing, with some brilliant new voice actors added alongside our animation team.

A sprite from the Reynard City game

6. The animation- Samuel Victor and his team should have something ready to view in time for our trip to the MCM expo in May.

The animation team

Keep an eye out on the blog for updates about our event appearances and some cool stuff we have in the pipeline 🙂

Zoe E.Whitten Guest Blog

Zoe E. Whitten is a committed author and independent book reviewer. You can order her book Saving Gabriel here 
What is the book about?
Saving Gabriel is a dark fantasy with a mystery revolving around the main characters, Gabriel, a fallen guardian angel, and Rosalinda Fernandez, a young woman who Gabriel has assigned himself to. Another fallen angel attempts to sacrifice Rosalinda, and after saving her and trying to cover up the crime, Gabriel is tasked by the archangel council to find out the reason for this failed magic spell.
Who/what are your influences?
I’ve got a lot of influences at this point, since I read from multiple genres. I’m inspired as much by the books I read as I am by listening to music or reading the news. My head’s a bit like a blender, and all of these ideas get swirled together until a new story idea comes out.
 Would you say there is a target audience for the book and if so who?
Saving Gabriel is probably my most accessible work in a long time, and it’s probably the first time I’ve written something that feels like a good fit for mainstream readers. I’m calling the book YA dark fantasy, but I think adult readers will also enjoy the story and the characters.

 How often do you write?

That really depends on whether my muse and I are on speaking terms. I know lots of writers say write every day, but when I do that, I end up with a lot of trunk material that I never finish. I much rather prefer to write while I feel the right words are in me. Then, I can write every day and crank out a full story in three weeks. But in between my projects are often two and three week periods where I don’t write anything. I’m not saying my method would work for others, but I have a rather huge back catalog at this point, so I speak with authority when I say it’s worked out well for me.
 What tips do you have for people who want to write?
I think there are two types of people who want to write. There are those who think writing is some mystical craft, and that forming words from the ether requires total silence and absolute concentration. So for those people, they will never write anything, because “who can find time to write without distractions?” The straightforward answer is “Every writer, from the pros to the fan-fiction scribes, has made time to write.”
You don’t find time to write. You get greedy and demand time to sit down and make up words. You keep making up words until you get to a point where the last two most logical words are “The End.” Then you set that story off to the side with intentions of fixing your mistakes, and you write something else.
Then there are people who do make time for hobbies, and who could write, if only they had some inspiration. To those people, I say, read more. Eventually, something you read is going to click with you, and you’ll say, “I want to make a story like this, but different.”
It’s even better to read stuff you might not normally consider trying. If all you’ve read is westerns, why not try out some high fantasy, or maybe a historical romance? It gives you the chance to see how writers in other fields approach the same common scenes, and it helps build your own sense of a narrative voice. So if you want to write, but don’t yet feel any words worth committing to paper, pick up some books and let the words of others fill you until you’ve got an idea of your own.

Who would you invite to your dream dinner party?

John A. Lindqvist, Stephenie Meyer, and Anne Rice. There would be lots of booze after dinner, and I would try very hard not to be reduced to giddy gushing.

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?
Probably doing the same things I’m doing now, but hopefully with a higher degree of success in the promotions department. I’d fire my current promoter and hire someone more qualified, but I’m the only person I know willing to work for rates so cheap.

Who would play you in the film of your life?

I cannot for any reason imagine anyone wanting to make a movie of my life, or anyone wanting to sit through it,so I really have no idea who I’d want to play me. Maybe someone with messy hair, I guess.


Saving Gabriel on sale now!

Zoe's latest work Saving Gabriel out now, get it here http://www.kobobooks.com/ebook/Saving-Gabriel/book-oA3e8ni1XUSGkUytd-KhtQ/page1.html?s=C0vDB0MM2ESGtKCxoq8o8g&r=9

Big thanks to Zoe for a top guest blog. If you would like to contribute to the site email reynardcity@gmail.com (Sponsors get priority).