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William Butler Profile

William Butler is a comic artist and illustrator who is currently doing commission work for us on our Patreon. If you would like to see his full works you can back us for $1 a month here. If you would like to commission William you can contact him via email (wbutler1986@hotmail.com)

Tell us a bit about yourself

I attended animation school- my aim was to create movement as well as style, though I must admit I found the process difficult (it wasn’t just me a lot of others felt they emphasised pen pushing over creativity and felt let down by the system).

In 2002 I was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, a mild form of autism that I believe has helped shape my creativity- when I was young I would absorb a lot of ideas through TV and comics, noting down ideas on scraps of paper and my exercise books.

What are your influences?

My main influences are Herge’s Tintin (the ‘straight line’ style he perfected), I first learnt to draw extreme muscle anatomy and comedic styles from the Beano and the Dandy and of course i used to read (and trace) from Marvel, DC and manga (though i prefer the pulp heroes)

What attracted you to working on Reynard City?

i’m more of a cat person really, but Reynard City seemed to offer a lot more than just the typical hero/villain plot (the characters aren’t too flashy or jingoistic). i was introduced to it at London Comic Con by Dan Butcher of Vanguard.


How did you find out about Reynard City?

My creativity has suffered a bit since I had to take on the responsibility of being my fathers carer from 2010 onwards. I’ve had to draw in what ever time I can get when i’m out and about (either in cafes, at work as a volunteer or at charity clubs).

I’ve only just started going to an art class in Guildford so when i was offered to submit my work style to Reynard City, i thought ‘What have i got to lose?’

Who would play you in the film of your life?

Hell if i know! I mean who else has my complexion or character? (Don’t know who is the main fashion these days) but if a bio film was done of my life, i’d want it to be honest and engaging!

(A bit like Attenborough’s portrayal of Charlie Chaplin- Editor’s note: If you’re a fan of Robert Downey Jr I heartily recommend Chaplin, he’s fantastic in it)

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

As of this year & 2017, I’ve yet to get my life back on track (acquiring my new flat & trying to combat my lack of exercise/over eating issues). But from 2017/2018, in 5 years’ time I hope to have produced my own comic book series, acquire my own stand at comic con and if possible have a stab at the comics industry!

Want an OC pic by William? Enter our OC contest in the Den (more contests up now!)

Lawrence Blackman profile

Want to be interview for a guest blog? Email reynardcity@gmail.com (Sponsors get priority- Special thanks to Songbird Radio, Ed Couzens-Lake, Leapfrog Training and Flag Wizard)




Where are you from?


I’m from Worcester, a small Cathedral city in the Midlands near Birmingham. It’s the epitome of England in many ways, with all its shades of grey, pleasant enough with a nice river and plenty of scallies. I guess for me it was a bit boring – whatever was going to happen had already happened.

How would you describe your art?


I’d say it is the simplist, most boiled down possible way I have found to say what I want to say. Vague as that is, to try and represent it in prose so people can imagine what it looks like I’d say it is cartoon like drawings with a range of influences also manifest, including expressionism, graffiti styles, adverts, and doodlings. A lot of it is purely writing, and most of it is my imagining of a childlike deranged mind processing the world. I suppose it’s a way of removing the barriers and processes we develop and using that as a lens to see the world. It’s meant to be funny, but also to have a kind of off-hand profoundness.
At its essence though, it is intended to start a conversation with a viewer (rather than dictating) – the terms of engagement are the viewers as much as mine, which is why I’d always encourage people to see it for themselves and make their own decisions on what it is or isn’t.
Laurence Blackman aka Loz Vegas
You called your collection “Mountains of Light.” What does that refer to?
 ‘Mountains of Light’ is a reference to people. The book is about relationships, both how people interact with each other and also how we interact with the world around us. The idea is that we only see the tip of what we really are poking above the sea level, and no matter how tall the mountain reaches it is still linked to all the others via the sea bed, i.e no man is an island you could say. The Light part is about the preciousness of individuality and effervescence of humanity – ‘we are luminous beings, not this crude matter’ (Yoda, Return of the Jedi)
Your site includes a “manifesto” section. How would you describe that?
It depends which manifesto you mean! The first one you come across is I think the most honest (as abstractions tend to be) and to the point – the message should be ‘take as you find’ really. It’s also a kind of a send up of manifestos in general which generally tend to get betrayed by the people who write them – if you’ve ever seen Banksy’s or The Communists’ you’ll know that! Plus I genuinely am made from flesh, living in a house and I like jumping on beds.
The one past that (the biography) is I think a fairly standard self assessment and not nearly as fun or thought provoking.
What are your influences?
I think I have alot influences. I have always been fascinated by the art of young children and the honesty they hold. Also graffiti styles and expressionist artists like Basquiat or Francis Bacon. I generally love all forms of cartooning and graphic novels and in particular Chris Ware. Also Morrissey and Knut Hamsen and anyone who tries to look at the non remarkable to find poignancy. Also David Shrigley whom I love and Cormack McCarthy (writing style wise) and the gibbering of simpletons. I guess I like people who try to see with a fresh perspective – I teach a boy I’m fairly sure is autistic (Korea is loath to approach this) and his mind is one of the most fascinating places I’ve ever peeked into, through the things he says.
my cat
Who would be on your superhero team?
Is that a dream Superhero Team to A) protect the Universe or B) play instead of England at the World Cup? If it’s a superhero team to protect the world I would have The Tic, Earthworm Jim, Bananaman and Inspector Gadget with Batman as their leader just to see how that would all pan out. There’s also a hero I invented a while ago called the Mug who’s just a mug with no special powers at all, he’d be bad ass. But if you want a serious answer then clearly Phoenix can take on all comers on her own, unless she gets in a scrap with Green Lantern or Doctor Who – there are just too many, I’ll just have me and my cat Megatron (are pets allowed?).
If it’s option B then I reject the question and refuse to comment as I try to ignore any and all forms of organised sports apart from WWE Wrestling, however I’m sure it wouldn’t take much to assemble a group that would do better than we always seem to do (I’d recommend the home for the blind, infirm and mentally disadvantaged or infirm as a recruiting ground).
That was a great question.
Who would play you in the film of your life?
I’d have Jason Statham of Brad Pitt or someone sexy like that for bravado, but actually I’d have had Rik Mayall and I think dying was an over the top way to avoid the gig. If you ask my students then just any old dickhead, if you ask my close friends then probably Ade Edmonson.
Where do you see yourself in five year’s time?
In 5 years time I genuinely have no idea. I have goals but that’s not the same as who or where I’ll be – I hope is as unpredictable as where I am now would be to me 5 years ago. All I ask is that I’m still travelling and making artwork. And a millionaire. And famous.


You can see more of Lawrence’s work on his official site and his Facebook page.


infographic colour

Your support needed- big events coming up!

I love doing events and especially when there’s the chance to do some good. As well as promoting our group and supporting our artists we are also looking to raise money for some cancer charities as well. If we hit our targets we can cover our costs and ensure a substantial amount to help combat cancer.

If you can’t attend or you’re not based in the local area we would still really appreciate donations to help support our group and some fantastic causes- More info here

We’d also like to say massive thanks to our latest sponsors Edward Couzens-Lake and Leapfrog Training. If you would like to be sponsors too check out http://www.reynardcity.com/advertise or chip in and get cool prizes at http://www.reynardcity.com/donate


Reynard City Quiz And Chips Night

(10th August Hinks Meadow Village Hall, Thorpe Marriott)


A Tale Of Two Worlds COVER72dpi


Enjoy some fab food, take part in a quiz AND get some cool prizes! Hosted by Reynard City’s No. 1 fan and cancer survivor Gizzy Linnell this is your chance to have fun and be awesome. Get your quiz teams together now, more info here!


Reynard City Art Exhibition Launch Party 25th August

(Indigo Tattoo And Body Piercing, Lower Goat Lane, Norwich)




Big thanks to Indigo who will be displaying our artwork as part of their commitment to artwork in the community. This is your chance to buy framed prints, comics and more. For each purchase a donation will be made to local cancer charities, for more info come here.

Help make someone’s dream come true!

Hi All,

Emma Nuule, one of our Domestic colleagues, has made the below video and submitted it to Serco’s got talent.

Emma is an amazing soprano singer as you will find out when you go on the link below:

We need to get  ‘Liking’ Emma’s video to help her get through to our regional finals. Please vote now and get your friends and family to vote too.  You can also get on to the website by visiting www.serco25.com > Having fun > Serco’s got talent > Mezzo Soprano Singer

Emma is also performing at our family fun day so you will be able to see her talent live J on the 3rd August.

The closing date for the competition is 31st August 2013 – after this date The ten “talents” in each of our regions with the most ‘likes’ will go through to a regional final. A panel of judges will select the most impressive talents who will then showcase their skills in the ‘Serco’s Got Talent’ live show at the Serco25 Gala Event in November 2013. Each individual or group selected to perform at the Serco25 Gala Event will have the support of a professional production team who will help them to put on the show of a lifetime, in front of the live gala audience.

Please get voting for our very own NNUH talent!

Event Update

Hi everyone- it’s another day for big news!

Happy to say that our first exhibition event has been confirmed, it’ll be on the 25th August at the Indigo Tattoo and Piercing Studio in Norwich (Lower Goat Lane to be exact) http://www.facebook.com/events/548153105230720/?fref=ts

After the initial launch event prints and framed pictures from our fantastic artists as well as other goodies will be on sale. If you would like your work considered for it email it to us reynardcity@gmail.com and you could get your work sold with us!


As well as buying some cool stuff we will also have material on hand to tell people more about our project and our plans for the future (including a big exclusive regarding our animation project, so keep your eye on the event page!)

Issue 23 preview

Coming up after that is the Norcon sci fi convention at the Holiday Inn. This event has always been good and the guys there have always looked after us!

Will Turner and Jess

Reynard City producer Will Turner and sales wiz Jess Austin at Norcon 2011. Top work!

Our aim is always to be on the best possible show. In order to do this we need sponsors (it also means we can give more of a cut to our artists, who work hard and deserve credit for their efforts).

This is why we have updated our sponsor packages so that we can do more and make the project sustainable for the people that make it happen!

If you would like more details on the events we have coming up and what you can do to support us (and promote your business) email reynardcity@gmail.com