The Team


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Who are the awesome people who put together Reynard City? Find out below!

Writer/Producer Robert William Turner (aka Rob or Will Turner)



We asked for people on Facebook to ask Rob questions. This is what we got-


Which film director would you like to direct a Reynard City film? Were you DEFINITELY not on drugs when you wrote parts of this? Which is your favourite currently released issue and why? (James T)

Style wish I’d say Edgar Wright would be a fab Reynard City director, or possibly Robert Rodriguez, the only “drugs” I have ever used in writing RC scripts are caffiene and alcohol and it’s hard to pick a fave though Issue 6, Issue 11, Alternotron and Issue 23 are all top issues that I love.

Do you believe that machines will rise up against us and when they do are you going to be a conformist and work with them or will you rage against the machines and help with the revolution (Casandra P)?

I like to think I would aid the revolution. However I’m not known for my subtlety so I’d probably the first one the robots pick off!

The Artists

Artistic Director Dan Butcher

Susie Gander, Dan Butcher and Will Turner at London MCM

Susie Gander, Dan Butcher and Will Turner at London MCM

Screen Name: Mr Hades

Position: Artistic Director, Penciller

Website: Here and here

Previous/ upcoming credits: Issues two and six, and various lettering/colouring on various issues.

Favourite character: Megafox

Reynard City Issue 25 pg 20

Check out Vanguard, Dan Butcher’s excellent adult superhero satire here




Susie Gander

Issue 23 artist Susie Gander with X-Men First Class star Jason Fleyming

Issue 23 artist Susie Gander with X-Men First Class star Jason Fleyming

What brings you to Reynard City?

I really like the concepts and ideas behind the Reynard City stories, no issue is ever the same, it’s never bland or on of those “seen it befores”. It’s fun,fresh and new and with each issue comes a new challenge. For example it’s not everyday you draw a half human, half fox female blimping up and floating around the sky and i find that really exhilarating, it keeps you wanting to do more. Sort of “What am I going to draw next?”

What artists/artistic styles influence you?

Michael Turner is my all time favourite artist, his work in FathomWitchblade , Tomb Raider, Darkness… it just inspires me so much. His attention to detail is just mind blowing.

What is your favourite Reynard City character?

AK of course! She’s such a fiery passionate and somewhat comical character. I love her to bits, there’s nothing you can’t do with her and when you draw her she just lights up the pages!

Susie’s self-autobiographical comic Perrywinkle (about her struggle with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma) is now available, check it out here



Nicholas Webb 

Position: Comic and video game artist

Previous/upcoming projects: Issue 24, video game

How did you approach Making  a sprite of something?
I try and make a first frame sketched out then  add different parts on different layers and fight the urge to be lazy with the animation.

Anything you had to overcome?

The stigma of being “special ed”. I felt most of my life like I was smarter then most and dumber than most all at the same time. Now all my childhood dreams have come to be a reality in my life.



Click here to see the work of Nicholas and others at the Lubbock Sketch Club 


Position: Penciller/inker


Previous/ upcoming credits: Issue 14 and Temptress Returns

Any tips for aspiring artists?

Work hard.. party hard…


Jed Soriano


Position: Storyboards, Pencils, Inks, Colours

Website: Here


Why did you work on Reynard City?

An opportunity to venture into a new world filled with interesting characters.

John Paul Guerra (Video producer, founder of the Reynard Citizens roleplay forum)
Queen of Arts by John Paul Guerra and Pirpintine

Queen of Arts by John Paul Guerra and Pirpintine

How did you first get involved with Reynard City and what attracted you to the project?

It’s tough to say. I was at first only involved in the few contests that the comic held. I created characters, stories and the main thing that attracted me to the series, the roleplaying.

Specifically whenever I did these roleplays in my spare time, there would be references or nods to a certain event or issue that sometimes flew over my head. So when I decided to read through the issues myself I got instantly hooked after the first few. As of now I not only run the RP Forum for the comic but I also create the video comics for the site’s “older” issues.

Tell us a bit about the roleplay forum

The roleplay forum at first acted as a replacement when our usual RP hangout (which won’t be named here) was going to shut down. So the intention was to make a forum where the adventures could continue. However as I was making it I decided to have a few more sections for discussions and announcements relating to Reynard City as a whole.

Over time I added some more RP sections with specific themes (crossovers and what if scenarios for example) and since then it’s been a great place to talk and have fun.

How does the video process work?

It’s much easier than you think. Simply put I run the comics through a conversion site online to create each page as a still image. Then I take the pages into my video software (Sony Vegas) and set the whole project up. Afterwards I create the introduction with our sponsors and a narrative recap of the last issue, voiced by myself of course!

From there it’s just a matter of ordering the pages, zooming them in so viewers can read them and of course finding a music track that suits that scene the best. Of course with Youtube’s whole thing with copyright I have to be mindful about what songs I use. Either way I still give credit where credit is due by providing the artists names as well as where the music tracks came from. All in all it’s an easy process.

What is your favourite character?

Kind of a hard choice but I’m more fond of Sally. Don’t get me wrong AK Girl is a fun character to hang with but I personally think Sally out of the three is best developed in both her personality and her story arc. And I hope to see what interesting things are done with her once the upcoming reboot is released.

Who would you have on your superhero team?

Well it’s less of a superhero team and more a “My personal favorite characters” hero team given that I’m actually a gamer as well. I guess if I had to pick I’d have Sticks (from Sonic Boom), Ratchet and Clank (from…well their name says it all) and I guess cause this is Reynard City I’m talking about, AK Girl.

There is one more that I would also add but not a lot of people are fans of the franchise it comes from. I guess if I could leave a clue as to who she is, let’s just say that looking up stories based around her really helps the sunset… “shimmer” on a bad day. *wink wink*

What are your plans for the future?

Again, It’s tough to say. I really love to draw but my skills aren’t really “professional”. So maybe as time goes on I’ll be able to improve on my skills and maybe one day I can do some work for other people, heck maybe even do something for the comic. Secondly my parents used say I really love to talk and to their respects I do. And seeing as how some say my voice work on the videos is quite entertaining, I might consider working in broadcasting. Maybe share my thoughts with others via radio or podcasts or maybe someday actually get to voice act in a show or movie. I guess to quote one of my favorite video games. “I’d say the sky’s the limit”

When Vibes met Sticks by John Paul Guerra

When Vibes met Sticks by John Paul Guerra

Gizzy Linnell, Promotions

Check us out at

Superfan Gizzy with a special guest!

 You can find out more about Gizzy here
How did you first get involved with Reynard City?
Reynard City helped me though one of the darkest points in my life. The story helped me during my recovery.
What advice do you have for promoting at events and how can people help push Reynard City?
I would love to see a really good Hyper Rob cosplay ready for mcm October next year (I’m working on it!)
I will quote Optimus prime here lol… “All we need is a little share and a lot of luck!”
Who is your favourite character?
Hyper Rob of course!
Who would you have on your superhero team?
Optimus Prime, Iron Man, Michaelangelo (Ninja Turtles), Spider-Man, the green Power Ranger and the Hulk.
Hyper Rob Werefox Art by Gizzy

Hyper Rob Werefox Art by Gizzy

Mark Marx (Theme tune composer)

Music Producer, and the creator of the Reynard City theme tune.

How does producing music for a videogame differ from other forms of music?

You have to keep things simple. The music must be memorable but not interfere with the game itself.

What are your influences?

The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Queen, ABBA (and everything else!)
How did you approach making the music for Reynard City?
I channeled the spirits of the neon shrines of Tokyo, every saturday morning cartoon I watched as a pup and the furtive hours I spent in smoky seaside arcades.
The Cherryfox (R)  (Costume designer/model/performer)
You have been very thorough preparing with the costume/model work. How would you describe your process?
Organic, mostly. I wait for a character to develop in my head and ensure the costume would work for them. How would they move, what would they need the garment to do, how would they need the garment to work for them. Usually I am making costumes for characters of my own creation so the costume develops as the character and piece develop. With cosplay work you need to embody someone else’s character, so the focus is on bringing as much of their vision into the real world as is possible. Sometimes this can be very difficult; fabric drawn on paper behaves very differently to real life fabric on a real life body!
What appeals to you about Temptress?
I love a good villan, especially one who manipulates to avoid ever needing to get their own hands dirty, as this is the very opposite of my real life personality. Temptress is always very self satisfied and my stage character behaves similarly. Unashamed of their darkness and delighting in the mayhem they cause others to cause for them.


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