The Characters



AK Girl

Real name: Veronica Hannah McAllister

Nickname: Vibes (She hates being called Veronica!)

Strengths: A range of powers that are drawn by her mental focus:

  • Strength Mode: Makes her physical form extra powerful.
  • Speed Mode: She becomes a lot faster.
  • Shield Mode: Projects protective force field. Requires a lot of focus.
  • Stealth Mode: Turns her invisible, although a bit subtle for her liking.
  • Steal Mode: A very risky mode. Can take on both powers and physical form.
  • Psychic Mode: A wide variety of uses, ranging from wiping out memories to seeing visions. However this can leave her vulnerable.

Weaknesses: AK Girl inflates on contact with caramel. This is the ultimate test of mind over matter. If she can maintain calm and restore focus her body returns to normal. However this is easier said than done!


Vibes is said to be the saviour of the universe… and she doesn’t let people forget it! She has been instructed by her sensei Mike to control her powers. This is mainly due to her unruly behaviour as a child, forcing sensei Mike to make sure she could control herself, hence the creation of her weakness caramel. Despite having psychic ability Vibes is not always smart enough to get out of the way of potential trouble and has a sharp mouth to boot. However she is good hearted and dedicated to stopping Mega Fox taking over Earth.

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AK Girl Lionalliance

Art by Lionalliance




Real name: Sally Joanna Sabrina Vixen

Nickname: Sal


  • Super strength
  • Agility
  • Flight
  • Wields a pole with an electric taser built in

Weakness: Wondervixen has body dismorphia. She is convinced she is fat when she isn’t. This means she is quite neurotic and this can sometimes make her unstable. However this also means she is fiercely dedicated and is often the one working hard to keep up appearances.


A former child beauty pageant contestant, Sally is very driven by a sense of injustice. However, she often shows signs of a darker side to her personality and this sometimes manifests itself in odd ways. There may be more to her than meets the eye.

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Art by Ladycybercat

Art by Ladycybercat

Hyper Rob


Real name: Guillermo Roberto del Zorro Rodriguez

Nickname: G


  • Super strength
  • Flight
  • Hook gun
  • Heightened senses

Weaknesses: His passion sometimes get the better of him and enemies exploit this.


The son of a notorious gangster, Hyper Rob has become obsessed with justice and ensuring fair treatment. Unfortunately this is often at the expense of his own safety and he is a hard person to dissuade. While he may not have a physical weakness in the same way that Vibes does or Wondervixen’s perception problems, his attitude can often lead him to unexpected danger.



Mega Fox

Nickname: None. (that anyone would dare say!)


  • Spike Mode: A spike protruding from his fist
  • Tank Mode: Turns into a tank, ideal for blasting things and generally making an entrance!
  • Jet Mode: A defensive mode he uses to escape
  • Mecha Mode: Becomes a giant robot
  • He also has a number of weapons and gadgets
  • An incredibly keen and perceptive analytical AIptive artificial intelligence, giving him the ability to manipulate situations and exploit the weaknesses of his opponents.

Weaknesses: Unknown


Mega Fox was created to impose order. However he has decided to impose his own. Working for evil alien organisation The Consortium, he uses his skills to take over planets. He has been charged with taking over the planet Earth. Although it is unclear how far his ambitions stretch…

Mega Fox art card

Mega Fox by Kirsty Swan





Nickname: Lieutenant.


  • Can change into different shapes
  • Can fire bio freeze, a substance that temporarily renders people powerless

Weakness: Not very smart.


Squirmy is Mega Fox’s loyal lieutenant. He is impatient and desperate to prove how powerful he is. Unfortunately he is not as cunning as his leader.

Insect Girl

insect girl pinb

Insect Girl by Kirsty Swan

Real name: Jenny


  • Super strength
  • Flight
  • Stinger that swells people up on contact (can only use once)
  • Cocoon that temporarily turns people into insects


  • Not incredibly smart

Biography: Jenny was a normal secretary, taking calls for the fearsome tycoon Michael Knox. But when she walked in on what appeared to be a robot posing as her boss she was transformed into Insect Girl.

She is not aware of it but Mega Fox has effectively created her to keep an eye on Caramel Girl, who he fears may be trying to gain super powers for herself…

Warp King

Strengths: Can create anything he chooses, including whole dimensions


  • His travel between dimensions is restricted
  • Chaos appeals to him so it is difficult to fully exploit his power


Warp King is a difficult, unpredictable character. He is the controller of the Warp, an area outside time and space. It can create unusual effects and if Mega Fox can get hold of him at the right time his powers can be used for his evil purposes. Like Mega Fox, it is difficult to be entirely sure of his future plans…

Warp King art card card

Warp King by Dan Butcher

Caramel Girl

Caramel Girl by Blue Ike

Caramel Girl by Blue Ike

Real name: Janice

Strengths: Experimental caramel blaster.

Weaknesses: No actual super powers, something she doesn’t like being reminded about.

Biography: Janice and her friends were so well known for their catering they were known as Caramel Girl and the Bakery Boys. However when a DJ at a local club they were catering for choked on a pie they all lost their jobs and their reputation.

While most people would sign up for benefits or retrain, Caramel Girl instead vowed revenge and turned evil, stealing an experimental blaster. Having discovered that her weapon is AK Girl’s weakness, she believes herself to be her nemesis. Unfortunately for her, she is often put on diversions for the more super powered robots.

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