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Issue 1: Invasion

Reynard City Issue 1

Story: Will Turner and Seb Rigler

Penciller: Daniel Nagy

Inker: Kino

Letterer: Ben Rollman

Colorist: Mark Schott

On the planet Animal Kingdom, the last surviving animals prepare to fight Mega Fox and his robot army. Leading the way is Vibes, a headstrong psychic. However, the mysterious Chief wants her for a top secret mission…

Issue 2: Strengths And Weaknesses 


Story: Will Turner and Seb Rigler

Penciller/inker: Dan Butcher

Colorist: Jace Mereel

Letterer: Brant W. Fowler

Cover by Angel T, Susie Gander (nee Hampton) and Dan Butcher

When Mega Fox catches Vibes spying on him, she jumps into a fight. Unfortunately for her, Mega Fox knows that inflation is her weakness. Can she recover in time to get back to the battlefield?

Issue 3: Now Entering Reynard City


Art: Rick Parker

With Vibes missing it’s up to Guillermo and Sally to inspire the troops as Mega Fox prepares to invade.


Issue 4: Whose Life Was It Anyway?


Pencils: Adonia

Script Editor: Seb Rigler

Cover: Bamph

Having been transported through the warp, Vibes, Sally and Guillermo are all affected in different ways. In Vibes’ case, she has lost her memory. In her new human form, she works as a DJ, unaware of her previous identity. But things are set to change when she is confronted by some disturbing memories and a face from the past…


Issue 5: The Search For Sally

Issue 5 The Search For Sally

Pencils: Hardy Lynch

Inks: Van Yenn

Cover: Dan Butcher

Script Editor: Seb Rigler

In the corrupt streets of downtown Reynard City, Guillermo frantically tracks down his lost love Sally.


Issue 6: Get Over It

Reynard City Issue 6 (Cover by Jon Haward, Art by Dan Butcher)

Comic Artwork: Dan Butcher

Story Editor: Seb Rigler

Cover Artwork: Jon Haward

Cover Coloring: Andrew Gelfman

Cover Layout: Jace Mereel

Vibes tries to stop Guillermo’s obsessive pursuit of Sally, worried that he is throwing himself headfirst into danger. Meanwhile, a DJ accidentally choking on a pie leads to the creation of a new breed of supervillain…

Issue 7: Reunited


Pencils: Bamph

Inks: Jace Mereel

Colors: Susie Hampton

Cover Colors: Dan Butcher

Cover: Kino

Script Editor: Seb Rigler

In the previous issue, Sally returned as Wondervixen to save her friends. So why did she fly off and leave them alone after she saved them? In this issue we find out why as Sally tells Anty what happened to her in the city of New Jamestown and her fight with Temptress. But has she told Anty (and us) the whole truth?

Issue 8: The Signal

Issue 8 The Signal (Art by Samuel Webster)

Pencils/inks: Sam Webster

Colors: Susie Gander

Letters: Dan Butcher

Script Editor: Seb Rigler

Mega Fox captures and enslaves Rotecol, a local mechanic who also happened to invent The Explorer- a device capable of warp travel. Can AK Girl stop Mega Fox using him to create a signal to  summon the demented Warp King?

Issue 9: Diva

Issue 9 Art by Kirsty Swan

Artwork: Gabri and Kirsty Swan

Story: Ian Austin and David O’Neill

Sally is driven insane by the arrival of Rosario Astro, a demanding superdiva in search of street cred. If this wasn’t enough, she also has to fend off an unwanted admirer with some unusual powers…


Issue 10: Jailbreak


Artwork: Arno

Cover: Susie Gander

Story: Ian Austin

Mega Fox releases Caramel Girl from prison, on the condition she captures AK Girl by six pm. Desperate for revenge, she’s only too happy to agree…


Issue 11: No Going Back

Issue 11 front page

Art: Nicholas Webb, Syd Gutierrez and Will Terrell

Story: Ian Austin

“What happens when a psychic has a breakdown?” After a shocking discovery, Vibes loses her focus, causing her powers to go haywire in the process. Can the heroes get her back on track before it’s too late?


Issue 12: Deal


Art: Kirsty Swan (cover),  Gibril (comic)

Mega Fox strikes a deal with the tycoon Knox. Using the power of Humiliator, he will render the heroes powerless. In exchange, Knox will give him energy from the nuclear plant. Meanwhile, the heroes have disturbing dreams of an evil, cackling robot rendering them powerless. Believe it or not, there are more twists and turns to come!

Issue 13: Protection Pt 1 


Pencils/cover: Dan Butcher
Colors: Vinay Brahamia

After the physical and mental torture of Humiliator, you could be forgiven for thinking that AK Girl and the gang deserved a vacation. However Glauco Tuturro is creating havoc in Reynard City’s Little Italy district so there is no time for a coffee break. After a scuffle with Glauco’s goons, Hyper Rob finds out they are targeting a young boy who witnesses their crime. Why is he so important?   And why is AK Girl strangely reluctant to join the fight? Can our goodfellas make sure these bad guys aren’t the last men standing?

Issue 14: Ad Infinitum (Protection Pt 2)

Issue 14 Ad Infinitum aka Protection Pt 2

Pencils by Bijoy
Colors and cover by Nicholas Webb
With Hyper Rob’s body turning into jelly, it’s up to AK Girl and Wondervixen to save him. However, what they don’t know is they’re being lead into a trap…
Issue 15: New Recruit

Story by Will Turner

Art by Kirsty Swan

When some of his robot army malfunctions, Mega Fox decides he needs a more reliable form of villainy. An accidental discovery by Michael Knox’s secretary Jenny leads her to a new profession she never thought she’d see, and a new look that will get her (ahem) “buzzing”.

Issue 16: Rock And Load


Art by Pablo Lizalde

Colour Seperation by Paula Russo

Story by Will Turner

When the team save a record exec from a group of megabots, they can’t believe their luck when they get free tickets to a gig. But all is not as it appears and what starts as a fun night out takes a very dark turn…

Issue 17: Emergence Pt 1


Written by Will Turner and Samuel Webster
Cover Art by Leona Macdonald
Interior Art by Dan Butcher
If you have been reading to this point you will have several questions: “Why does Sally have a fat looking reflection?”, “What’s the deal with the white text?” and “What happened in New Jamestown?”.
The next two issues will reveal the truth about Wondervixen, hence the name “Emergence.” Meanwhile, Hyper Rob has turned into a robot and Vibes’ rescue attempt goes horribly wrong…
Issue 18: Emergence Pt 2
Iss 18 Artwork by Susie Hampton and Pablo Lizalde
Pencils, inks and lettering: Susie Gander
Colours: Pablo Lizalde
Story: Will Turner


Previously Hyper Rob had been turned into a robot. AK Girl tried to cover it up, making Wondervixen angry. To make matters worse, AK Girl has been fused together with Rotecol. Can they return to normal before Wondervixen unleashes the mysterious force known as Perfect Platinum?

Issue 19: Temptress Returns

Issue 19 artwork by Bijoy and Dan

Pt 1 Pencils and inks by Susie Gander, Colors/lettering by Dan Butcher

Pt 2 Pencils and inks by Bijoy Raveendran and Susie Gander, Colors/lettering by Dan Butcher

Ashamed of using Perfect Platinum’s power against her friends Sally has once again run away from Reynard City. The voice in her head taunts her, proclaiming that by the end of the day she will be begging for her help once more!
At the same time a dark figure from Wondervixen’s past has come to Reynard City to wreck havoc with her powers of manipulation…
Issue 20 Subconscious Pt 1
Iss 20 artwork by Nicholas Webb
Main artwork by Nicholas Webb
 Flat colors by Lizzy Slaughter
 Story by Will Turner
When we last saw Wondervixen, she was faced with a terrible choice- surrender to Temptress or unleash the evil Perfect Platinum. In this issue we see the destructive consequences of her actions and a delving into the mind of a power supervillain…
Issue 21: Subconscious Pt 2
The conclusion to the first Reynard City story arc
Artwork by Jed Soriano

The entity known as Perfect Platinum has caused chaos in Reynard City. In an attempt to stop her AK Girl and Hyper Rob entered her mind, unaware that this was leading them into a trap.

This story answers questions that have been brewing since the early days of this comic. What is Wondervixen’s secret? Where did Perfect Platinum come from? And can Wondervixen stop her and more importantly does she want to stop her?

Issue 22: Assessment


Artwork by Dan Butcher

Story by Ian Austin
Story summary: After the events of the last issue Sally has been arrested by military police. Unaware that she has defeated Perfect Platinum she is being held indefinitely to prevent her causing any more destruction. However Dr Antibiotix is here to stage a superheroic intervention to find a way for Wondervixen to truly recover her identity and take control of her powers…
Issue 23: Out of Shape
Is this your fave? Let us know
Artwork by Susie Gander
When Vibes investigates a hostage negotiation, events take a strange turn. Meanwhile Guillermo and Sal track down a strange villain who is transforming things into odd shapes…
Issue 24: Rise of the Balloon Boy
Reynard City Issue 24
Artwork by Nicholas Webb
“Wow. Just wow.”

Sal has been rehabilitated by Dr Anty after the events of the last few issues. But now Vibes has got sloppy and there is a very real chance her sec…


Issue 25: All The Fun of The Fair

Issue 25 cover
Artwork by Dan Butcher
Vibes is recovering from the shock revelations of the last issue, as well as the strange things that have been happening to her lately. When people go missing visiting a funfair she sees it as the ideal chance to get some much needed fun. But sure enough all is not as it seems and Vibes finds herself up against the mysterious Operator…
Issue 26: Squirmy’s Revenge Pt 1

Artwork by Joseph Garcia and Rosie Neal

Script by Will Turner

Story by Wo-Nellie

The Zedites have formed an alliance with Mega Fox’s former lieutenant Squirmy. Their plan is to use AK Girl’s mind as a way of invading Earth. Can AK Girl go into her mind and stop their plan? Or will she end up doing more harm than good?
 Read all the issues? Then check out these special bonus issues!
The Origin of Mega Fox
Artwork by Sanchez Goes West
When Dante Rodriguez wanted to gain full control over the planet Animal Kingdom, he unintentionally created the monster that would destroy it. This prequel looks at Mega Fox’s origin and how it ties in with the heroes…
AK Girl by Lionalliance

AK Girl by Lionalliance

Yes Sensei

Artwork by Danielle Soloud
Story by Ielle Palmer
Why does Vibes inflate on contact with caramel? This story not only explains her weakness but also how AK Girl came to be.
Chubby Little Secret pg 1
Chubby Little Secret
A look at Sal’s past.
Artwork by Dan Butcher
Story by Ielle Palmer 
Story: Dreamwarrior
Art: Marcela
A full length bonus issue! Best described as a cross between Planet of the Apes/Goldilocks and the Three Bears this issue sees the heroes take on the daughter of a scientist and her adopted bears. But all is not as it seems…
The Explorer Diaries

Story: Will Turner

Penciller / Ink: Daniel Sanchez

Colourist / Letterer: Marcela Hauptvogelova

Find out how a vehicle that defied space and time cost Rotecol his family and why he had to destroy it. Also our first glimpse of The Chief!

Alternotron by Jed Soriano

Alternotron by Jed Soriano


Artwork by Jed Soriano

Wondervixen becomes frustrated with AK Girl’s constant showing off. During a fight with a giant robot she becomes captured by Alternotron, a robot capable of creating alternate universes based on a person’s fantasies. However, unknown to her, this alternative reality is creating bizarre side effects in the real world…

This is a special edition extra length bonus issue created as a thank you to the people who supported our trip to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.



Queen Of Arts by Pirpintine

Queen Of Arts by Pirpintine

Queen of Arts

Story and character by John Guerra

 Art by Lizzy Slaughter
As part of the prize for winning our Original Character contest, we present to you the origin story of Queen Of Arts aka Becky Bat! Find out how a struggling artist went from bad paintings to badass!
rc_cover copy
Pencils/ink/lettering by Dane Ike
Colors by Omaik

The prequel to Emergence: The last time Sally was in therapy with Dr Anty she revealed what happened in New Jamestown. Now she reveals that she’s been having odd thoughts, nightmares and hasn’t been entirely truthful.

What follows is the first glimpse of the darkness that exists within her…

"What is that thing?" by John Paul Guerra

“What is that thing?”
John Paul Guerra

Story by Dan McKee
Artwork by Zandy Jeevas
A short story with a twist written by comedian Dan McKee!
So you got through the issues and the bonus issues? Still not enough? How about a collection of short stories to top it off? Click on the meme below!

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