New advertising options for 2017

Special thanks to our current sponsors Edward Couzens-Lake, Norwich Kitty, HubFizz and Visualise Web Design (who will be producing our soon to be relaunched website!)

What is Reynard City? Check the video below!

Logo by Jed Soriano


2017 is an exciting time for Reynard City- we are in the process of relaunching the series with the new comic Reynard City Chronicles and we would like you to be a part of it!

We want to offer the best comics for our readers. In order to do this and support our artists we look for various sources of funding. Advertising is a big part of this as it allows us to create work while at the same time giving promotion to our sponsors. For 2017 we’re offering a variety of options using social media platforms, events and more.

Note- For each option below the Paypal/contact email is the same ( and Paypal should convert to your currency so you can check prices before sending.

£5 Social media shoutouts

If you have an event you want promoted or just want a quick mention on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram channels this can help boost your business.

£25 Event sponsorship

Our next event is on 26th January where we will be guest hosting the Norwich Kitty business networking event. If you are in the Norwich area and want to come along let us know.



£25 Video sponsorship

John Paul Guerra does regular videos of the comics with sponsors at the front of each video, look below for an example!


£25 per month sponsorship

All of the sponsorships mentioned above (Event, video, social media shoutout) for a monthly fee.

Warrior Fightwear promo by FlipKick

Warrior Fightwear promo by FlipKick

Commission services

Want a business card that stands out? Maybe some new pictures on your wall to jazz up your office? Whether you want someone to write regular content for your website or produce some stylish logos we can get you in touch with people to help you get the best artists at a reasonable price!

A commission by Dan Butcher of the band Bastille in fox form

A commission by Dan Butcher of the band Bastille in fox form








































Previous Sponsors





High quality web and graphic design





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