Reynard City Chronicles Q and A

Logo by Jed Soriano

Logo by Jed Soriano

OK everyone this is a basic Q and A based on some comments I’ve received on Facebook, Deviantart etc as well as some ideas I’ve discussed with people inside and outside the comic.

What is Reynard City Chronicles?

Simply put the comic is a new version of the Reynard City story. We wanted to give it a different title to clearly differentiate it from the other comics.

Is Reynard City Chronicles a continuation or a reboot?

It’s a reboot in the sense that we will be looking at the characters and stories in a new way and tackling them from a different perspective. We’ve had some feedback on the story and it has been developed and adapted.

Will the stories have the same format?

No- instead of trying to do a number of 22 page issues throughout the year we will do 1 or 2 40 page stories in the year. This is both to give artists long enough to do it but also so we can get more development in terms of both characters and structure.

What will the art style be like?

We are working on it- the idea will be to have a more singular art style with a group working on it.

Are you going to update the website for it?

Yes, we are working with the fantastic Visualise, who have been very patient while we work out what we’re doing!

What will happen to the old issues?

The original comics will still be available, and we have exciting plans for some of them too (watch this space!)

Will Jed Soriano be working on the artwork?

Not for the first issue- we were lucky he did the logo for us as I know he has a very tight schedule. But if things go as planned I will bother him as he is an awesome artist and I really do wish all the best for him.

When will it be ready?

There is a broad schedule- my aim is to get something together for London MCM in October next year. I think that is achievable.

How can I support it?

We have a number of ways you can support the project. If you can do one, a couple or all of these that would be amazing-

  1. Become a Patreon subscriber- we have some awesome extras from just $1 a month (
  2. Donate via Paypal
  3. Submit your fan art, fan fiction, OCs and more (more info in The Den)
  4. Share our Patreon and Paypal links on Facebook, Twitter, Deviantart and more
  5. If you have a Youtube, podcast, website or blog please let people know about the project
  6. You can sponsor the project too (check our advertise page!)


So that’s the update for now- will be filming a video on Wednesday, any questions in the comments!

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