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Trapped On Draconia



Firstly, I want to give a big thanks to the guys at Reynard City for giving me the opportunity to post on here. I’m loving the new issues, keep up the good work!

 Anyway, just to introduce myself, my name’s Dan – I’m a writer and earlier this year, I published my first novel – Trapped on Draconica. Trapped on Draconica tells the story of a young lad called Ben, a fairly streetwise kinda kid who is always getting into trouble due to the company he keeps. But his troubles really come to a head when he and his mates are caught stealing and Ben is left behind to take the blame.

 Just when he looks like he’s gonna be spending the rest of the school term in jail, he is suddenly teleported away. He wakes up on the world of Draconica – the former homeworld of the dragons. Now extinct, the dragons live on in the form of the Dragonkin, four sisters that were granted their powers. With no idea how he got there, Ben only wants to get home. But before he knows it, he is caught up in a worldwide war as the wicked Baalarian Empire seem to capture him for reasons yet unknown.

Why are the empire after him? How did Ben get here? How is he going to get home? More to the point, how is he ever going to explain this to his mum? If you like fantasy with a modern edge, this is the book for you. Not only that, but you’ll also be treated to manga style illustrations that leap off the page.

The artwork was done by Alexis M Centeno, an extremely talented artist that really did a great job in bringing the story to life. To whet your appetite, here are a few teasers (don’t worry, no spoilers here). The book is currently for sale as both a paperback and an ebook, available for most formats.


As it’s the Christmas period I am currently offering discounts for all formats until next year. The book is a really exciting read if you love both manga and fantasy. In fact, Will himself did a very good review of the book on this very site earlier in the year (cheers Will, I’ll pay you that twenty quid later!) Also, the novel will be on display at the upcoming London Anime Convention in February 2012 so word is getting out. For more information and details of where to buy the book, check out  

Be sure to also follow me on Twitter at @PandragonDan for any updates and information. Once again, thanks to Will and the guys for letting me post on here. Looking forward to the next issue!

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