Reynard City & UEA Headlights: A BIG PROMO OPPORTUNITY!

Ok guys, we need your help and as soon as possible…

Reynard City and the groovy people at UEA Headlights want to do a show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival aka the biggest arts festival in the world. However in order to do this we need donations, it’s £400 per person for a week.

UEA Headlights went from not existing a couple of years ago to being one of the regular suppliers of comedy talent in Norwich’s comedy scene. They have worked hard to help performers get gigs and improve their talents with improv and so forth. They are also working to raise money for Comic Relief, a charity that benefits communities in both the UK and Africa.

There are a couple of ways you can help:

  1. Donate a bit to our Paypal (the email address for is: – even a couple of quid can make a difference!
  2. Get one of our £25 (approx $40) advertising packages, click here for the details.
  3. Pass on this message to local business. We also have flyer designs on the site you can print and post.

It is fair to say “What’s in it for me?”, so here goes…

  1. Promotion at a massive arts festival (check out the Fringe Festival’s website for more details on the scale of the event) – ideal for companies, webcomic producers, artists who want more comissions.
  2. Help us get our cartoon made (media events on at the same time).
  3. A secret surprise bonus issue of Reynard City is in the works as a thank you for your efforts…

If you want more information then please get in touch, the email is:

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One response to “Reynard City & UEA Headlights: A BIG PROMO OPPORTUNITY!

  • Why is Reynard City different? « Reynard City

    […] Reynard City are proud to be supporting the UEA headlights and on the 25th March some of their amazing cast members of the cartoon (Rob Button voiced the villain Humiliator amongst others and Hannah Scutt did various voices, including the immortal mouse line “Kickass, free cheese” in a wonderfully squeaky voice) are doing a performance with sketch troupe Idiot of Ants on 25th March to help raise money to go to Edinburgh, and we’re trying to support them with sponsorship. Full details of how you can sponsor can be found here. […]

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