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Welcome to Reynard City, a Saturday morning cartoon in webcomic form!



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Logo by Jed Soriano

Logo by Jed Soriano





Artwork by Susie Gander

Artwork by Susie Gander

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About the site- This is not just the home of our online comic! We are dedicated to supporting a wide range of artistic talent. As well as artists we also help promote designers, musicians, acting talent and more. Keep an eye on the blogs for upcoming news on the project as well as how you can get involved!


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Instagram Week 4

Thanks to everyone who’s shared our Instagram pics (including Mawar_magenta,  Dexshirts, Ferdinanus_mhs,  Art_by_a_tess, Comickeys, Newlegendmike and Treymykel)

Quick reminder: Sunday is the deadline for our Wondervixen fanart, fanfic contest- your work could be included in The Perfect Platinum collection alongside a whole bunch of other prizes (more info in The Den or click on the pic below, thanks Susie Gander for that!)


Speaking of Susie Gander she needs just £80 to hit her £1000 target to make Perrywinkle a comic, helping to raise awareness and funds to combat Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (more info here or click on the pic below). She recently won an award and has been recognised for her efforts and I just wanted to say that’s awesome and well worth supporting!


Finally here is this week’s Instagram gallery, our theme being Mega Fox and villains. Next week it’s memes and fun stuff, so if you want to add your own let us know and we’ll add you to the gallery, thanks again to everyone who has provided artwork for us, it really means a lot!


Happy birthday Alan A Andrew

Happy birthday to the very talented photographer Alan A Andrew, another example of some of the fine people we have working on our Patreon extras!


Thanks to Alan A Andrew for his work on the Foxy Bop Cosplay Gallery. If you would like to see the full gallery (as well as a range of extras including short stories, artwork and exclusive updates) please back our Patreon or donate to our Paypal for a one-off donation!

You can see more of Alan’s fantastic photography on his Facebook page here




Instagram Roundup Week 3


Coming soon...

Coming soon…

This week it’s Hyper Rob. Next week the theme will be “Villains”, first pics will be on our Instagram Monday.


William Butler Profile

William Butler is a comic artist and illustrator who is currently doing commission work for us on our Patreon. If you would like to see his full works you can back us for $1 a month here. If you would like to commission William you can contact him via email (wbutler1986@hotmail.com)

Tell us a bit about yourself

I attended animation school- my aim was to create movement as well as style, though I must admit I found the process difficult (it wasn’t just me a lot of others felt they emphasised pen pushing over creativity and felt let down by the system).

In 2002 I was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, a mild form of autism that I believe has helped shape my creativity- when I was young I would absorb a lot of ideas through TV and comics, noting down ideas on scraps of paper and my exercise books.

What are your influences?

My main influences are Herge’s Tintin (the ‘straight line’ style he perfected), I first learnt to draw extreme muscle anatomy and comedic styles from the Beano and the Dandy and of course i used to read (and trace) from Marvel, DC and manga (though i prefer the pulp heroes)

What attracted you to working on Reynard City?

i’m more of a cat person really, but Reynard City seemed to offer a lot more than just the typical hero/villain plot (the characters aren’t too flashy or jingoistic). i was introduced to it at London Comic Con by Dan Butcher of Vanguard.


How did you find out about Reynard City?

My creativity has suffered a bit since I had to take on the responsibility of being my fathers carer from 2010 onwards. I’ve had to draw in what ever time I can get when i’m out and about (either in cafes, at work as a volunteer or at charity clubs).

I’ve only just started going to an art class in Guildford so when i was offered to submit my work style to Reynard City, i thought ‘What have i got to lose?’

Who would play you in the film of your life?

Hell if i know! I mean who else has my complexion or character? (Don’t know who is the main fashion these days) but if a bio film was done of my life, i’d want it to be honest and engaging!

(A bit like Attenborough’s portrayal of Charlie Chaplin- Editor’s note: If you’re a fan of Robert Downey Jr I heartily recommend Chaplin, he’s fantastic in it)

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

As of this year & 2017, I’ve yet to get my life back on track (acquiring my new flat & trying to combat my lack of exercise/over eating issues). But from 2017/2018, in 5 years’ time I hope to have produced my own comic book series, acquire my own stand at comic con and if possible have a stab at the comics industry!

Want an OC pic by William? Enter our OC contest in the Den (more contests up now!)

Reynard City Chronicles Issue 1 artist confirmed

I’m happy to announce the artist for the first issue of Reynard City Chronicles will be….*drum roll*



AK Girl psychic mode by Nicholas Webb

AK Girl psychic mode by Nicholas Webb


Nicholas has done some awesome work for us, both with the comic and video game project. One thing I’ve been especially impressed with has been his dedication to getting the work done, sometimes in difficult circumstances.

You can see more of his work in the comics section (Specifically Issues 11, 14, 20 and 24) but here are a few pieces he has done.

For more info on Reynard City Chronicles click here