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Suicide Squad SPOILER Review


Normally I don’t do spoiler reviews. As much as possible I want people to be able to read my opinion and then if they want they can see a film and make up their own minds. That being said in this instance I think it is near enough impossible to review Suicide Squad properly without spoilers. So if you don’t want to read ahead then that’s fine as there’s a lot to talk about and I want to speak freely on it!




Still here? OK let’s get to the major talking point- Harley Quinn and Joker. Personally I think Margot Robbie is terrific as Harley and we get to see some genuinely interesting conflict with the character. Granted she’s not quite on the level of the 1992 animated series but that’s because the character was so good in that show it got incorporated into the comics, so I don’t think that’s entirely fair as a comparison.

With Jared Leto as the Joker I feel we had a missed opportunity- essentially we are presented with The Joker as more of a gangland figure with genuine fear, intimidation and power. It is very different from Nicholson’s vengeful social climber or the chaotic philosophy of Ledger’s interpretation. Unfortunately in my opinion I don’t think I got enough to make a really solid judgement- I enjoyed what I saw but it’s a bit like taking a bite from a sandwich and then someone nicking it from your plate.

Sadly what we do have as a main villain is Cara Devigne’s Enchantress. Now when I think of Enchantress I think of Marvel’s blond manipulator from the cartoon Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, similar to Loki in terms of power and charm. Sadly this character looks the girl from The Ring stayed in a mudbath a bit too long.

This for me the supernatural element is the major problem with Suicide Squad- We have Will Smith being charming as Deadshot, Jai Courtney has fun as the wacky Captain Boomerang (though if I was the Deadpool writer I’d wonder who’d been copying my notes!) and the others have their moments, especially the conflicted character of El Diablo, played with some depth by Jay Hernandez.

Another aspect that I enjoyed was Viola Davis’ Amanda Waller, who had the prerequisite badass authority (including with an end credit scene you may not expect.)

Personally I’m not bothered about some squad members being a bit one note or not getting enough to do as I think that’s inevitable in most team up films (and yes that includes Avengers and Captain America: Civil War!)

With David Ayer (Writer of Training Day, director of tank drama Fury) I can’t help feeling this wasn’t entirely his call- what could have been a gritty and dark supervillain black comedy is lost in a mush of CGI and occasional tonal shifts that take you out of the moment.

What I think should have been this film is the development of the gangland Joker and his desire to get Harley back- a pitch battle between villains and gang warfare to me would be more engaging than something that feels like a halfbaked version of Hellboy.

Here’s the thing- I want DC to do well. The trailers of Wonder Woman and Justice League suggest that they are learning and there is more to come from them. I also admire that they want to give directors a voice, though I fear in some cases this has proven to be an indulgence too far.

Just to make clear I have nothing against Marvel- they have done some excellent stuff. My fear is that without sufficiently strong competition complacency could set in. People talk of “superhero fatigue” but I don’t think that has to be the case, especially with the success of the Marvel Netflix shows and the various DC TV shows.

What this movie does show is that perhaps studios should be wary of sticking too closely with genre tropes or being nervous of online backlashes. While Spielberg predicted superheroes could go the way of the Western it is worth remembering that as the classic version of the genre died down we also got Sam Peckinpah’s Wild Bunch and Sergio Leone’s Dollars trilogy and Once Upon A Time In The West.

In short- Suicide Squad is a frustrating film. It is definitely entertaining and has enough set pieces and humour to be worth a watch. Sadly it also smacks of compromise and meddling, something I feel needs to be weeded out if this genre is to progress.


Reynard City Relaunch Update

Special thanks to sponsors Visualise, HubFizz, Print Right and Edward Couzens-Lake

A few days ago I posted this video-


At the time this brought up a few questions from people so I wanted to take this opportunity to cover a few of them (plus anticipate some others). If you want to know more or have another specific question comment below or contact us on Twitter, Facebook or email reynardcity@gmail.com and we can update.

Are you quitting Reynard City?


What is Reynard City Chronicles?

In simple terms these will be new takes on the Reynard City stories, drawing from various sources. The idea will be to have fewer issues in the year. However they will be longer and have more content.

What will happen to the current issues?

The current issues will still be available. I am happy to say we’ll be working with Visualise on an updated website soon, something that was already being planned but now will be rejigged once the new comics are ready.


How will this affect the roleplay forum?

The roleplay forum was set up by John Paul Guerra and as such has its own continuity so is not really affected by the relaunch.

What about the “proposed projects?”

At present the video game, radio play, animation and graphic novel projects are on hold. It’s a shame as some great people worked on them but I feel we are better off focusing on getting the comic right before attempting spinoffs.

I will be talking about them a bit more in future videos.

A sprite from the Reynard City game

When will the first issue be ready?

Currently we are in the process of writing out the story arc and issue list. I am getting feedback from some writers in order to develop the stories. One advantage of longer issues will be going into more depth and providing a bit more backstory with the characters, as well as the usual action and nuttiness!

Basically put we are seeking backing for this project and the sooner we hit the target (I have budgeted $4000) then the sooner we will be able to not only produce this comic but also promote it in some interesting ways (I have a few people in mind for this who I’m a massive fan of!)

You seemed a bit emotional on screen. What happened?

People that know me know sometimes I can be a bit emotional. In this instance it is about facing up to the fact that you worked on something for ten years and it needs a rethink. I did feel bad because a lot of people worked on this and I felt they deserved better. This coupled with the fact I witnessed someone paying money for a video mocking that effort didn’t help (Yes you do need a thick skin when putting work out there but that’s easier said than done!)

However a lot of positives have come out of this as well. I have a lot of support especially from the people at Norwich Kitty, a local business networking group who were very sympathetic.

Why has the website changed?

Several reasons- to update regarding the relaunch, to make the site a bit easier to navigate and as a rough guide for what we have planned for the full update.

How can we support the relaunch?

There are a number of ways you can support us-

  1. Back us- Every donation helps us (prices start from just $1!). Yes the comics are free to download and we want to keep it that way. However if you do back us (either via Paypal for one-off donations or Patreon for regular donations) we can offer a range of bonus extras including exclusive galleries, artwork and short stories.
  2. Spread the word- Sometimes people will say “I can’t afford to back this right now”. If that is the case there are other ways you can help us. If we get enough hits on the announcement video then this will provide revenue. However if you like the comic let people know why- it is sad that negative comments and videos get more attention but the best way to counter that is through being positive!
  3. Fanfic, fanart, OCs- We have a contest going in The Den and we need you! Post us your fanfic, fanart and OCs, remember to post links with it. This will really help us out!
  4. Advertise- If you run a business check our Advertise page on how you could benefit from supporting us (prices start at just £25 per month!)


Why should we back your project?

Because to be quite honest this isn’t just my project. This is the work of a whole team of people, some of which have been working with us from the start, some of them having worked through incredibly hard circumstances to support it.

I have made some bad decisions and this has reflected badly on some elements. However with your support I am confident we can produce something great. Having worked on this for this long I have met some excellent people who have matched my passion and at times exceeded it.

Specialthanksartists copy


Strange Fascination Presents A Midsummer Night’s Dream

As someone who has taken part in theatre productions since middle school I feel the need to support local productions. If you have an event you would like to promote please contact us via email (reynardcity@gmail.com), Twitter or Facebook (sponsors get priority)



Shakespeare is something I feel gets unfairly maligned- people talk about the difficulty of the language or the references and mistakenly call it ” boring”. But for me personally his work really comes alive when it’s performed and especially during the various open air productions I’ve seen, making you feel that bit closer to the performers.

In the case of Strange Fascination Theatre I know some of the people involved (including the ever-awesome Hayley Evenett, who you may recall kicked serious butt as the voice of AK Girl during our Future Radio interview!)



A Midsummer Night’s Dream itself is one of Shakespeare’s quirky, magical comedies, full of mischief and confusion as the fairy kingdom mixes up lovers and ensures “the path of true love never did run smooth”. It is most well known for the character Bottom and the numerous punchlines that offers (insert “open air Bottom” joke here) but there is plenty of fun to be had from the numerous twists and turns the play offers.


If you are about in the local area during the tour I strongly recommend going to see it, you can get more info and book tickets here.

A big announcement regarding the future of Reynard City is coming soon. If you want a sneak peek and want some exclusive extras please donate to our Patreon (starts from just $1 a month!)

Star Trek Beyond


Just our regular reminder- I do my best to keep my reviews spoiler free but as ever if you are looking to watch a film and go in as fresh as possible then watch the film and then read the review. Oh and to make clear this is solely my opinion and not of the whole Reynard City team!


First things first I am not a Trekkie, Trekker or however you say it. I enjoyed Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness mainly on the basis of being fun blockbusters that while not as deep as they present themselves were worth the watch.

Third films are notoriously tricky and this one had a couple of behind the scenes issues- the sad premature death of Anton Yelchin (who played Chekov and by all accounts was a lovely chap and a rising star) plus a debate between the writer Simon Pegg (who also plays Scotty) and original Sulu George Takei on retconning Sulu as part of a gay couple (it’s a fleeting moment, personally I wasn’t that bothered).

My personal concern was Justin Lin taking over from JJ Abrahams as director- would the Fast and Furious director remove the grandeur and epicness? Fortunately the answer is no and if anything the film benefits from a changeup in style, the plot revolving more around the crew grounded on a planet rather than the usual zooming about.

With regard to Simon Pegg’s script for the most part it works- well paced, plenty of funny jokes but also a clear affinity for the characters. If I was going to be ultrapicky there are a couple of “Screenwriting 101” moments (“Here is a seemingly incidental thing that I am discussing in more detail than someone usually would. This probably won’t come up later, wink wink”)

Another flaw is that though new badass warrior character Jayla is a welcome addition Uhuru sadly gets relegated to the background. However there are also interesting new character dynamics- Spock and Bones make an engaging odd couple double act while Kirk’s confrontation with Idris Elba’s villain has more depth to it than you would initially think.

Overall Star Trek Beyond is pretty much exactly what I was hoping for- a solid blockbuster with just enough action, humour and character to be worth a trip out!


Ghostbusters (2016)

Please note: This is purely the opinion of writer Rob Turner and does not necessarily reflect the views of everyone on the team. As ever with my reviews I do my best to keep it spoiler free. If you are going to comment keep it civil and spoiler free please!


First things first- I love Ghostbusters. And when I say I love it I mean I had the toys, the Game Boy game, went to the cinema to see Ghostbusters 2 etc. Personally I also really enjoyed Extreme Ghostbusters, an under-rated cartoon that was wrongly dubbed “the PC Ghostbusters” (Seriously give it a proper go, there were some quality episodes!)

Of course plenty of people have expressed their views on this latest film before seeing it- my view has always been “I will reserve judgement until I see it.”

So I have seen it and here’s my view. It’s…good but not great.

There are a lot of things I like about the film- the updating of the effects still has that odd retro charm to it, the updating of the technology is clever and there are some great characters in there (Kate McKinnon especially is the breakout star in this I think). An unexpected bonus are normally straight actors given the chance to be a bit goofy with Chris Hemsworth playing a doofy secretary and Andy Garcia playing a slightly overly self-conscious mayor.

And herein is the problem with the new Ghostbusters. I know some will disagree but most of the casting I didn’t object to- If you don’t like Kristen Wiig or Melissa McCarthy this film won’t convert you but I personally like their chemistry and as I said before Kate McKinnon provides a certain oddball nuttiness.

Sadly one I didn’t really go for was Leslie Jones- It’s not that she was bad and she had some funny moments but her character felt a bit one-note compared to the others. Don’t get me wrong I know them from SNL and get they are broadly in keeping with their style of performance but it would have been good to get a bit more depth.

However what stops this film being great is a certain awkward self-consciousness. While nobody likes being made fun of online (LOL you know who you are😉 ) it is a bit cheap to throw potshots into your script. Also the director Paul Feig’s improvisational style does mean some running gags outstay their welcome and some go on a bit too long.

Overall I enjoyed the film and it was a fun blockbuster. This is the problem- after The Dark Knight, Avengers and Lord of the Rings people are constantly expecting bigger and better films. However sometimes I think it’s ok to have a fun ride that’s enjoyable, even if it’s far from perfect. This reminds me of something like seeing the first Mummy film or Spiderman- Fun but you can see the flaws.

In short, if you have kids bring them along and if you enjoy improv type humour then give it a go. However those who don’t want to go I think in this case it’s understandable.

P.S If you do like the film stay till the end😉



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