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Info- Our contests are open to anyone who wants to have a go, regardless of whether or not they have done art for the comic before or if they have won a contest before. In order to keep things fair we contact a neutral judge so that the entries are picked purely on merit.



After a poll on Facebook, the theme we’ve chosen is “Movie Poster”. This can be a parody of a movie (Mad Fox: Furry Road?) or what a Reynard City movie might look like and the dream cast involved.

Prize: Your artwork featured in Issue 27, plus a special comic goodie bag.

To give you a bit of inspiration here are some examples-


Star Wars homage by Dan Butcher

Star Wars homage by Dan Butcher


Untouchables by Tim Nicholson

Untouchables by Tim Nicholson

"Aim for 88MPH" by Raye Springall (Back to the Future)

“Aim for 88MPH” by Raye Springall (Back to the Future)

And to get you thinking here’s a mockup by Dan Butcher of what Amy Adams might look like as AK Girl in a movie-





We had a great response to this contest and I want to say a big thank you for the enthusiasm that everyone has shown.  Before we reveal our winner here are some of the fantastic entries we received (note for obvious reasons we are not stating that any of the crossover properties are ours!)-


When Vibes met Sticks by John Paul Guerra ( Sticks is copyright of Sega)

When Vibes met Sticks by John Paul Guerra ( Sticks is copyright of Sega)


"Aim for 88MPH" by Raye Springall (Back to the Future)

“Aim for 88MPH” by Raye Springall (Back to the Future)


"Reynard Dug" (Dig Dug)

“Reynard Dug” by GreyofPTA (Dig Dug)


“Vibes meets Pokemon” by CSI Norman

And the winner is… 

AK Girl, Wondervixen and Periwinkle by Susie Gander

AK Girl, Wondervixen and Periwinkle by Susie Gander

According to our judge “They are some foxy ladies! I want to be in their club!”

Susie congrats- your pic will be in Issue 26, plus some additional goodies will be on the way.

Keep an eye out for more upcoming contests!



An early "crossover"- Dan Butcher's Star Wars homage!

An early “crossover”- Dan Butcher’s Star Wars homage!


DEADLINE- 30th April

Inspired in part by our roleplay crossover forum The Exact Centre of the Multiverse we have decided to do a crossover contest. We want to open this up, so using your own original characters is great and characters from a whole bunch of universes is OK (in one of our roleplay stories we had the team work alongside Lara Croft, the Ninja Turtles, Deadpool, Iron Man, Wonder Woman and Supergirl!)

However there are a few ground rules-

1. Whether it’s Marvel or an OC from Deviantart please credit the creator.

2. Keep it PG- For example no Deadpool “unaliving” our characters please!

3. Judge’s decision is final!

You can email us an entry on or alternatively post it on Deviantart, Facebook, Twitter or anywhere you like. Just be sure to mention Reynard City when you do so.

As ever there will be prizes with your art on them for the winner!





Congrats to Martin Williams for this fab take on a classic meme! Look out for the next contest!



Deadline: 26th January 2015

Prize: T-shirt with your design plus goodies!

For this contest we’ve decided to try something a bit different- how far can you help promote RC?

The challenge is simple- create a meme featuring one of the Reynard City gang (make sure you include a link to Note how many shares, likes, retweets etc you get for it.

The winner will be decided on 26th January. Why then? Because it’s my birthday!


1. No naughty content- Don’t swear, make the characters nude etc. Trusting you on this!

2. We don’t mind using previous memes (eg the Fry one, we’ve posted a couple below for examples/inspiration). However ideally we would like you to use Reynard City pics if possible.

3.  Share it, don’t spam it- We want Reynard City to be promoted as much as possible. However when posting in groups etc please check the rules and any pinned posts before posting. With Twitter and other sites we are trusting you to post your memes but please don’t spam ie it shouldn’t be constant posts to celebs asking them to RT your meme.

4. Please upload the memes to– The more exposure we get the better!

5. Good luck!


reynard city meme

reynard city meme 2


reynard city meme 3








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