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Welcome to Reynard City, a Saturday morning cartoon in webcomic form!

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“Mad as a box of frogs and all the better for it” Samuel Victor, Night Of The Living Dead 3D

“Thundercats on crack” Gizzy Linnell


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Issue 25 cover







The Story So Far- AK Girl, Wondervixen and Hyper Rob have come from the planet Animal Kingdom to Earth’s Reynard City in order to stop the evil Mega Fox. However as well taking on a bewildering array of bizarre villains (including disgruntled former caterer Caramel Girl, ditzy henchoperative Insect Girl and the always unpredictable monster supplier Warp King) the team face AK Girl’s bizarre caramel allergy, internal disputes and a dark secret that threatens to destroy them all…







About the site- This is not just the home of our online comic! We are dedicated to supporting a wide range of artistic talent. As well as artists we also help promote designers, musicians, acting talent and more. Keep an eye on the blogs for upcoming news on the project as well as how you can get involved!


Any questions? Email us reynardcity@gmail.com


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Issue 25 pg 15

Artwork by Dan Butcher

Sponsored by Point House

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Reynard City Issue 25 pg 15


Caring for adults with learning difficulties http://www.pointhouse.uk.com/

Sin City 2 review

In my opinion Sin City’s main strength was style- yes the film was trashy but it was well done, very stylish trash. It had its flaws (Not a big fan of Clive Owen as Dwight to be honest) but it had a solid cast and Robert Rodriguez directed with a lot of flair (yes apart from the bit Quentin Tarantino did).

In this film Frank Miller (the original writer) has a co-direct credit with Rodriguez. One thing people praise these films for is their dedication to the source material- sadly in the context of Sin City 2 slavish dedication is arguably to its detriment.

This is not say the film is bad- Mickey Rourke remains suitably gruff as Marv, there is lots of ultra violence that resembles a more extreme version of James Bond opening credits and there are some solid additions to the cast such as James Brolin and Joseph-Gordon Levitt (although sorry but I don’t buy you as a badass Joseph!)

Unfortunately Sin City 2 has the style but lacks the substance- while the first one was more of an anthology the stories tie up together more in the sequel. And this is where the problem with the source material lies- there are elements that could have been cut that arguably would have made Sin City 2 a leaner, more engaging piece of trash.

In basic terms I feel Sin City 2 is a beer and pizza film- watch it with your brain off and it’s perfectly enjoyable. However those seeking the emotional depth of the Nolan Dark Knight or the colourful exuberence of Marvel should look elsewhere.


P.S Also I can’t take Powers Boothe seriously after MacGruber- Sorry but the game has changed (even if the players remain the same!)

Issue 25 pg 14

Art by Dan Butcher

Page sponsored by Birchwood Energy





Birchwood Energy

Animation update

Reynard City is a project I love. Some of you on Facebook, Twitter etc may have seen me hint toward possible good news. Sadly it was not to be. Given you are all fab readers I feel an explanation is due.



Our team is working on a cartoon series based on the comic. We’ve got a great team directed by Samuel Victor (Night of the Living Dead 3D) plus a fantastic cast of voice actors. We have got six episodes of scripts written and audio recorded.


I was approached by an agent regarding representing us. He has numerous connections to Cartoon Network. We had a good chat and like me this agent was someone who had created their own work and seemed genuine.




Unfortunately we could not reach an agreement regarding a contract. It was nothing personal but we couldn’t work the details out.

As much as I would have loved to announce we were working together on this I can’t commit if not 100% sure. I have a fantastic legal rep who secured a proper contract but the representative couldn’t agree with it.



However this is one small bit of bad news- by contrast we have secured two Kickstarters, we’ve got some great events coming up and of course we are now able to do a print run of comics for the upcoming Issue 25 with Dan Butcher once again doing a fantastic job.



We haven’t given up on the animation, graphic novel or video game. It’s a shame this opportunity didn’t work out but more will come.


Once again massive foxy thanks to everyone supporting us everyone, this really means a lot! Please keep sharing the link and spreading the word. Every bit of support we get makes a massive difference!

Issue 25 pg 13

Artwork by Dan Butcher

Sponsored by Flint TV and Songbird Radio








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