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“Mad as a box of frogs and all the better for it” Samuel Victor, Night Of The Living Dead 3D

“Thundercats on crack” Gizzy Linnell

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The Story So Far- AK Girl, Wondervixen and Hyper Rob have come from the planet Animal Kingdom to Earth’s Reynard City in order to stop the evil Mega Fox. However as well taking on a bewildering array of bizarre villains (including disgruntled former caterer Caramel Girl, ditzy henchoperative Insect Girl and the always unpredictable monster supplier Warp King) the team face AK Girl’s bizarre caramel allergy, internal disputes and a dark secret that threatens to destroy them all…



Issue 23 preview

Alternotron by Jed Soriano



If you have any questions feel free to contact us via email (reynardcity@gmail.com) and we’ll be happy to have a chat!All our issues are available for free on the site (where you can also find out about our video game, animation and graphic novel projects that are currently in development) and print copies are also available for sale (as well as numerous other cool bits of merchandise!). You’ll also see Donate buttons on various pages here and if you donate we will send some exclusive rewards as a thank you!)


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Amazing Spiderman 2 review

Warning- I will do my utmost to keep spoilers out of my reviews. However please be aware details will be put into this review that may affect your enjoyment of the film. You have been warned!


First up a word about the title. Yes I know it was called that in the comics but then there have been various Spiderman titles throughout the years. My problem is if the word “Amazing” is in the title then you already have a lot to live up to before you’ve even started!

With regard to the first film I thought it was decent but not “amazing.” Andrew Garfield is a great Spiderman and seems to be more confident and assured than Tobey Maguire was. Another big factor is his naturally chemistry with Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy. Sadly that film’s weak link was Rhys Ifans, a villain who never quite convincingly made the jump from sympathetic to evil.

A concern before this film came out was the raft of villains and people set to appear. Inevitably some rumours have turned out to be wrong and even some people who appear in the marketing do not get as big an outing as the trailers seemed to suggest.

However this is not really a flaw. While Electro’s geek stalker routine could have been very cliched (see also Batman Forever, Iron Man 3 etc) Jamie Foxx manages to create a character that works amidst all the chaos. Den Haas as Harry Osborne also manages to play with the sympathies of the audience before finally revealing himself as the villain of the piece.

While I enjoyed the big set pieces (and the return of Spidey’s snappy one liners) there are certain elements that mean this film is good rather than Amazing. While Captain America 2 was smart and created a convincing conspiracy plot this one feels more like a teaser rather than a full film (a problem that for me marred Iron Man 2). While some blink and you’ll miss it in jokes are fun producers need to remember that not all fans watching a film are hardcore and may not appreciate why an assistant called Felicia is important.

Another irritation was the soundtrack. While having a villain called Electro would suggest electro music the “Bwarp” dubstep was definitely overkill.

Overall this is a fun blockbuster with just enough set pieces and moments to keep you going. It is just a shame that films like The Avengers and Dark Knight preceded it, showing us that producers have to work a bit harder to be truly…well, amazing!


A guide to Flint TV

AKA “What does a man in the music industry do after it goes t**s up?”


Flint TV are Reynard City’s newest sponsors. We caught up with founder Andrew Flintham to find out more about how his online advertising company came about and how he feels the world of media is changing…

You started off in the music industry. How did you break into the industry?

I was 17 years old when I first got involved in the music industry. I was in a serious motorbike accident and couldn’t move anything but my arms so my Mum got me a guitar just to shut me up!

I started getting involved in local bands and holiday camps while at the same doing a job in the meat industry. When that packed up I went to London. People soon realised I knew my way around the studio and it went from there!


How do you feel the music industry has changed?

I would say there is nothing much that is genuinely new- the technical standard in terms of playing and production is very high but this has tended to lead to a more bland style of music. Furthermore due to the lack of physical record sales more creative talent is leaving the industry with only a few people at the top of the tree making any real money.


What do you think could be done to change the music industry to counter this?

Not a lot! Piracy is endemic and music has become a wallpaper commodity. There are not enough differences in music due to digital recording. While Radio 2 and some bands such as the White Stripes try to push more authenticity there is not enough of that about.


Do you think this is why we are seeing more folk style bands such as Mumford and Sons as people seek to hear a more “authentic” sound?

Acts like Mumford and Sons are competent performers but they are what I would call “upper class twits!”

This is something that has happened in the industry- R and B started gritty but has since become a lot more slick.


After the music industry you went into acting and it was from there you began to develop the Flint TV concept. What is your opinion on modern advertising?

At the moment there are too many ways to advertise. It was a lot easier when there were only four channels and a few magazines as there was more potential grab for the advertiser.

Where do you see the future of advertising?

I believe the future of advertising is online which is why I set up Flint TV. While fewer people are reading papers or watching TV they are looking up more content online. However it’s not enough to have a listing- people need   something more!

And this is why you came up with Flint TV.

It came about because I am with Equity and people would often use me to present advertising for them (mainly because they were shy about appearing on camera themselves!)

We often get people telling us advertising “doesn’t work”. We work with them and look at ways of improving their advertising as well as our working filming the advert.

There was a time when ads would cost £350,000 to get on local TV. Nowadays you can get a professionally made online advert with a similar potential reach for £750!

How does the process work?

We talk with the client and plan out what they want. They pay a deposit and we spend around 3 to 4 hours filming. We then talk with the client and tweak it as necessary.

Typically a video will take 30 seconds or up to 2 mins depending on what the client wants. It then goes live on the site and we then help them get it on their website and various social media channels as well.

We have got some excellent testimonials from local people who have been very happy with our service!

What are your plans for the future of Flint TV?

We see Flint TV as a new kind of media platform. It is hard to pin down exactly what will happen as our ideas are evolving all the time. What I can tell you is there are some exciting developments to come, so watch this space!

If you are looking to promote your business, Kickstarter campaign or commission page via Youtube you can contact Andrew Flintham via www.flinttv.co.uk. If you want a promo interview with us (amongst other things) go to our Advertise page to find out about our sponsor packages.



Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier review

PLEASE NOTE- I try to make my reviews as spoiler free as possible. However in order to guarantee as fresh a viewing experience as possible I recommend reading this AFTER you have seen the film!


Apologies in advance to all who were fans of the first film- I liked it but not as much as other Avengers solo films. Indeed I think there have been better examples of pastiches of 50′s serial style movies (Zorro and The Phantom being ones I personally enjoy more though I accept I may be in the minority on the latter).

Captain America 2 takes place after the events of the first movie and The Avengers. Like Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 this leads to the slight awkwardness of why they couldn’t just call the others in and it is never quite dealt with. However this is a very minor and personal gripe that probably won’t matter to most people and ultimately doesn’t affect the film.

The plot seems similar to 70′s style conspiracy thrillers (and indeed the end credits reflect it) with Captain America disillusioned with the shady goings on at the spy organisation SHIELD. Having come out of fighting Nazis it seems he is not that well equipped with dealing with ambiguity and to top it off he takes on a sinister assassin called the Winter Soldier (anyone who reads the comics knows the “twist” on this one so won’t even bother to say it).

While the setup is intriguing the film seems to slowly but surely remove a lot of the grey areas as the film goes on. This is a shame as part of the appeal of the first Iron Man was the vein of subversiveness and satire to go with the crashes and the bangs.

However it is still a very enjoyable blockbuster. There are some fantastic stunts and Anthony Mackie as The Falcon provides some engaging aerial stunts. Chris Evans is a solid lead actor who embodies the decency of the iconic character without ever seeming preachy or overly naive.  I was also happy to see Black Widow getting more to do and a little bit more backstory (although as a fan of the Avengers cartoon I still hope to see Rashida Jones or another gifted comic actress as Wasp in the new Ant-Man!)

The big ace that the film serves up is Robert Redford. While the Marvel films have always seemed to have a good instinct for their cast he provides a bit more of a presence and this helps to cancel out some of the less “real” elements of the film.

Overall then I would say the film is not as complex as it thinks it is but I would also say it is a better class of blockbuster. Oh and I shouldn’t have to say it but stick around for the end credits (you won’t be sorry!)


The future of Reynard City- We need you!


Get your ad on the page www.reynardcity.com/advertise

Get your ad on the page http://www.reynardcity.com/advertise


Reynard City is a project that has been dear to my heart for a long time. However I need to emphasise that this is not just “my” project. The simple fact is I can’t draw for toffee and there are a lot of talented creative individuals that make this work.

I strongly believe that the online comics should remain free for people to download. In order to keep them free and so that we can pay our artists we need to get sponsors and to get that money on a regular basis so we can budget more effectively. More to the point we will be able to properly revamp our website (a process that’s ongoing thanks to our regular web guy Tim Lince and the awesome people at Visualise-  I  will reveal more about this in the coming weeks).

If you know anyone that is looking to promote their work or their business please email me reynardcity@gmail.com

Oh and for those wondering about Issue 24 it will be ready next month. We will be doing something different starting with this issue- we will be aiming to post a page a week a la fab webcomics like Dan Butcher’s awesome Vanguard (incidentally if you haven’t read it and do not have a nervous disposition I wholeheartedly recommend it)


A special foxy thanks to our regular sponsors Edward Couzens-Lake (A superb author and copywriter who has been enormously supportive of our project) and Zoe Grace Cozens of Leapfrog Training (An excellent life coach who has helped a number of people with achieving personal growth and emotional support). Also big foxy thanks to Badge Base for their fantastic merchandise they have produced for us and our social media promo partner Tweeturbiz!






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New Readers Blog

In recent times films and TV shows that people dismissed as “for kids” have turned out to be some of the most sophisticated shows on TV. The Simpsons can appeal to toddlers and academics alike while Horrible Histories won a BAFTA, beating off a lot of their supposedly adult competitors.

With Reynard City we believe that anyone who gives this a try could potentially enjoy it- that doesn’t mean everyone will and that’s totally fair enough. What we hope is that people will try it.

This is why we’ve set up this blog- we want YOU to give Reynard City a try. All you need to do is download an issue from the comic section and tell us what you think in the comments section (or email reynardcity@gmail.com)

We’re very grateful to the fantastic Chrissi Price and awesome Reegan (aged 9) who are the first to share their thoughts (we’ll add more as we get them!)


Reegan, aged 9
‘It has a good story line and the characters are very inventive and I loved the art work. I was hooked and had to read to the end straight away. I look forward to the next issue’
This is the very first comic I have read, I have always stayed away from comics even as a child. if I am honest I never thought I would understand them.
After reading Reynard City his has changed.
I really enjoyed it – the story was punchy and the characters were great and the use of pictures made the pace fast and exciting.
In a strange way I could relate to them all, especially Sal which made it ‘believable fantasy’. The story, setting and characters are unique in so many ways, the writer and artist both have an awesome imagination – pure brilliance and lots of fun!

Via Twitter:  

Great graphics and a good story line. Well worth a look for graphic novel fans!


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