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“Mad as a box of frogs and all the better for it” Samuel Victor, Night Of The Living Dead 3D

“Thundercats on crack” Gizzy Linnell


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Issue 25 cover







The Story So Far- AK Girl, Wondervixen and Hyper Rob have come from the planet Animal Kingdom to Earth’s Reynard City in order to stop the evil Mega Fox. However as well taking on a bewildering array of bizarre villains (including disgruntled former caterer Caramel Girl, ditzy henchoperative Insect Girl and the always unpredictable monster supplier Warp King) the team face AK Girl’s bizarre caramel allergy, internal disputes and a dark secret that threatens to destroy them all…







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Issue 25 pg 17

Artwork by Dan Butcher

Sponsored by Mark King (Find out more about his book Frenzy in this guest blog)

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Mark King guest blog

Mark King is our latest sponsor and the author of Frenzy: A Daniel Jones Story. If you would like a promotional guest blog email us reynardcity@gmail.com (Sponsors get priority)


Mark King- Author of Frenzy: A Daniel Jones Story


 What is Frenzy about?

Frenzy is a dystopian novel based in the very near future for Y/A, and adults alike that

can be enjoyed by both male and female readers of any age from 11 to 100. It’s a fast

paced story that will be enjoyed by anyone who likes Adventure Fiction, Fantasy Fiction,

Science Fiction or Horror Fiction as in contains elements of all four.

It’s based around a terrible secret found out by Daniel Jones that brings his life as he knew it to an end, and

thus begins the adventure as he stumbles across the two female characters Mary and

Gwendolyn. Between the three they fight to survive against the Over-seers the new masters

of humanity.

What/who are your influences?

George Orwell was a big influence especially with his two classic books 1984 and Animal

Farm. Another writer is Ken Follett. I love how George Orwell can write in such a way as to

tell an interesting story that has a deeper meaning within. With 1984 and Animal Farm he

is writing about the dangers of how dictatorships rise and how they then stay in power, and

this is the same with my writing of Frenzy a Daniel Jones Story. With Ken Follett I like how

his writing can suddenly burst in a frenetic energy of excitement and this is something you

will find time and time again in both Frenzy, and its sequel Daniel Jones Doom.

How did you get into writing?

I was inspired to complete FRENZY a Daniel Jones story after the sudden death of father-
in-law. At the time I was in paid full time employment, and always thought I would write a

book once I had retired, but the whole horrible event taught me that you must do what you

want to do now; because you never know what is around the corner, and we only get one

chance on this wonderful planet.

So I resigned from the company and gave myself a target

of two years to get FRENZY published which I achieved. I was also inspired by someone else

and there is a dedication in the front of my book that gives a clue to his identity.

How do you prepare yourself before you write (what is your routine)?

My writing is my living so I try to keep to regular hours and days like you would if working

for an employee; so normally I’m at my laptop writing from 9 to 5 Monday to Friday then

use the weekends as time for promotional work only; communicating with fans through my

Twitter account and also on Goodreads plus Facebook.

I also write a weekly blog at always-
hanging-around.blogspot were people can keep up with my life. Sometimes though you can

wake up at midnight with your mind buzzing, and then I find I’m sitting in the quite of the

night writing sometimes my most exciting work!

Is there any advice you would give for people who want to write?

The best advice I can give is be prepared for disappointment! It starts from the very

beginning when you ask people to review your first manuscript asking them to give you an

honest answer. Don’t be surprised when they do, and tell you that what you thought was

the greatest story ever told is just not their cup of tea!

It carries on through getting rejection after rejection from agents and publishers. The other piece of advice is never to give up,keep going. If you have made the commitment, have the belief in your manuscript and are

prepared to listen to advice, you will make it!

What book do you wish you had written?

That’s easy 1984. George Orwell was so right about us all ending up one day living under

constant surveillance even though most people in the U.K, and gradually around the rest of

the world, don’t know it or refuse to admit it. The only thing was that it took until 2004 until

the tipping point was reached with C.C.T.V on every corner and the internet invading the

privacy of our own homes.

Who would be on your superhero team?

The heroes of my youth were Superman and Wonder Woman and would make it into the

team. Today there are new heroes for a new generation like the characters in Reynard City

and these would have to make into a team of superhero team (Aw shucks, thanks!)

Who would play you in the film of your life?

Russell Crowe would be my favourite although in my youth when I had a flat-top hair style

and worked out in the gym people used to say that Arnold Schwarzenegger looked a lot like

me, although these days I look more like the actor Ray Winstone!

What are your plans for the future?

I have finished the manuscript to the sequel to Frenzy (Daniel Jones Doom) and it will be published by the end of

the year or early in 2015. After that I want to carry on writing more stories. In fact I want to

write for the rest of my life until my maker calls my number, and it’s time to check out!


Frenzy: A Daniel Jones Story is available now on Amazon. If you want to know more or have your own questions for Mark King follow him on Twitter or check out his blog!

Also a big foxy thanks to Mark for donating a signed copy of Frenzy: A Daniel Jones story to our raffle!




Issue 25 pg 16

Artwork by Dan Butcher

Page sponsored by Granny’s Memoirs

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Iss 25 pg16


Granny's Memoirs

Norcon 2013 report

Every year in Norfolk there is the Norwich sci fi convention or “Norcon” for short. Every year when we have gone we have met new and interesting people or people who have added to our project. This year was also incredibly awesome but for a couple of different reasons.

The event started on the Saturday with the costume party. I received a costume courtesy of Rachel “Arkyfox” Nobes (pictured here as Gizmo)



She made me a fantastic costume for me too (Barf from Spaceballs- Look up the clips on Youtube, it’s a fab Star Wars spoof)

We had been told that Trev and Simon would be there aka my comedy heroes. For younger viewers and those outside the UK  here’s an example of their fab comedy- http://youtu.be/wS7XfsT0bxw

Anyway I finally got to meet them in person. They say you should never meet your heroes- in the case of Trev and Simon I can say that is not true. They were every bit as lovely as I hoped and coped with my gushing with class.

So in the evening we headed to the Holiday Inn near Norwich Airport for the costume party. It was a ton of fun with lots of incredible costumes and fantastic people, topped off with terrific live music by The Wabscallions. Chris Barrie appeared on stage with some delightfully acidic putdowns, fab impressions and some interesting behind the scenes insight on Red Dwarf.

But the big treat came at the end of the night- dancing with Moon Monkey*

*For those who don’t know Moon Monkey was a Trev and Simon character that spoofed 90’s rave culture


me and moon monkey


That was a terrific night- next up was the convention on the Sunday. Here’s how our table looked at the start of the day!




And here’s a couple of special guests who popped by from some obscure comic we don’t own…



Basically we were mainly selling merchandise such as the prints you see above, plus some fab goodies Rach made for us such as these USB tails (available on commission) as well as a raffle and a tombola.



There were some great Q and As (including Chris Barrie, Trev and Simon, Alice Krige from Star Trek, Ben Miller amongst others!)


Overall I had an incredible time. I would write more but I’m knackered. But super thanks to Conor, Rach, Gizzy and everyone who supported us as well as Mark Dean and the fab organisers (the profit at the con goes to charity, Google Norcon for more info!)

Special thanks to our sponsors including the fantastic Mark King who gave us a signed copy of his book Frenzy for our raffle.


Next up London MCM in October- watch this space!


Issue 25 pg 15

Artwork by Dan Butcher

Sponsored by Point House

(Only a few pages left! Get your Issue 25 sponsored page now!)


Reynard City Issue 25 pg 15


Caring for adults with learning difficulties http://www.pointhouse.uk.com/


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