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“Mad as a box of frogs and all the better for it” Samuel Victor, Night Of The Living Dead 3D

“Thundercats on crack” Gizzy Linnell

Three superhero foxes (AK Girl, Wondervixen and Hyper Rob) come to Earth to stop an evil robot fox (Mega Fox). What follows is a story of galactic warfare, destruction, caramel inflation and subconscious weirdness.

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Leapfrogflyerad back

In response to the Nostalgia Critic- Are kid’s show’s now better than ever?

First of all this article is not about having a go at the Nostalgia Critic. I love him, he’s awesome and great fun. Plus his latest video arguing that kid’s shows are now better than ever raise some valid points (watch it here.) However here are a few points I would like to bring up.

1. “You still get some mindless shows”

This is my first point- generally speaking with any era of cartoons we remember the classics and forget the junk. However I would argue even something silly like Captain Planet at least had its heart in the right place. Yes there were the celebrity cartoons (Hammerman? New Kids on the Block?) and baffling spinoffs (Little Shop) but these did not detract from the fact the late 80’/early 90’s had some great shows from the darkness of Batman: The Animated Series to the kooky oddball antics of Earthworm Jim.

While Doug rightfully highlights quality like Adventure Time in some respects it means the shows of lesser quality can be more painful- no amount of intertextual snarkiness or kooky random bantz makes up for that.


2.”The more effort in the show the bigger the hit it is”

I think the makers of Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Young Justice and any number of unfairly cancelled shows would disagree on this. Also from my perspective as a British viewer without satellite TV a lot of these shows I’m either denied access to or take longer to get to.

In Britain we also have the issue of less funding for production of kid’s shows, something that partially came about as an unintended consequence of clamping down on junk food promotion for kids. This means that we rely more on imports and remakes (Thunderbirds, Dangermouse, The Clangers and Teletubbies have all either been remade or will be remade.)

Please don’t take this as an anti-American rant. A lot of the cartoons I love are American and I would love to work on that kind of scale (also if there is some magic way I could meet Andrea Romano that would be awesome).

3. ” Cartoons focused more on what’ll sell toys”

Again we go back to Young Justice- according to a recent interview with the creators the show was cancelled because executives felt it was directed at both girls and boys, fearing this wouldn’t sell merchandise.

Also I would argue the shift has been to a different style of selling- shirts, novelties, collector items etc.

4. “Creators were going through a transitional period”

I would argue all creative work is always a “transitional period.” Hanna Barbera cashed in on trends in the Seventies (Kung fu, Jaws etc), we had a period of kiddie versions of older shows (including Roseanne for some bizarre reason) and so forth.

However a lot of those shows were great because they established formulas- The wacky nature of Adventure Time would not be possible without Tiny Toons and Animaniacs, while Batman The Animated Series not only influenced subsequent cartoons but also the comics themselves.

A good example of this is Sonic- in effect we had a cartoon that grew up with us, going from slapstick to a darker adventure series (again arguably paving the way for shows to push the boundaries a bit more).

5. “Not always comedic/not always dramatic”

Real Ghostbusters was a good example of this blend, plus plenty of live action kid’s shows in the 90’s did this (Grange Hill, Byker Grove being two examples in the UK of shows that did confront real life issues but did so in a realistic way.)

6. “Designs are simpler than ones in the past”

True but that does also mean those shows can seem a little crude. There is also the odd moment that can take you out of the action when something doesn’t seem to fit the tone or is a little too random.

7. “Shows from back then wouldn’t touch these issues”

As stated before maybe not cartoons but there were definitely shows that did (as I say in the UK the aforementioned Grange Hill and Byker Grove).  Also shows like Animaniacs actually did manage to subtly put in educational messages without being overly annoying about it.

 8. “People got tired of rewarding repeat programming” 

How many remake shows have we had? Don’t get me wrong the latest CGI Ninja Turtles is great and what I’ve seen of MLP: Friendship Is Magic is a quirky and silly show that is nonetheless well made. But equally we have also had the snarky Ultimate Spiderman, the ambitious but ultimately flawed remake of Thundercats and any number of incarnations of Transformers. While Sonic Boom is great fun it exists as a promotional tool (albeit a well written one that’s pleasing to watch).

This video is fab but what it seems to highlight is one thing- the high points of the current crop of kid’s shows are very high indeed and they do indeed deserve praise. But equally there is something to be said for the artistry of Batman, the charm of the Disney Afternoon era cartoons and the oddball nutty of shows like Earthworm Jim, Samurai Pizza Cats and Animaniacs. Also shows like Mighty Max pushed the boundaries (for a show plugging the boy equivalent of Polly Pocket it was super dark!)

I don’t think this is a golden age because I don’t believe in them- inevitably for every one or two brilliant shows there will be about a half dozen that are bunkum.

It’s good to see boundaries being pushed but I do think there are other issues that need to be addressed. One reason I want to make Reynard City is because there are 90’s cartoons that did have heart and weren’t just money making machines. And it would be an honour to pay homage to an era I love.


London Film and Comic Con- Picture round up

Originally I was going to do the story of our weekend here. We had an awesome time, met some fab artists (including our lovely neighbour Grant Perkins) and learned a lot. Our promo legend Gizzy  got to meet his heroes Jason David Frank (who was touched by Gizzy’s story about how he got over bullying and issues with mobility thanks to his inspiration) and Michael J Fox (by the way well done on raising millions for Team Fox everyone!)

So instead here are a number of pictures- big thanks to all the celebs and cosplayers for taking their pics with us, not to mention the excellent Dan Butcher for the superb artwork of Issue 25 and the cover that graces most of these pics! (Remember always ask first before taking a pic- it’s just good manners!) I couldn’t put all of them in, so will do a full gallery on our Facebook page.

Of course we do stress the characters belong to their designated owners (Marvel, DC etc) and the celebrities posed with our comic because they are lovely people and we appreciate them taking the time to support us!


George's is round the corner from the venue. His breakfasts are the perfect start to a con!


George’s is a cafe round the corner from the Olympia (the venue for London Film and Comic Con). Good breakfast there and he’s a very friendly chap!

The big thing from the event was Back To The Future- as part of the 30th anniversary there were talks, a model of the Delorean (someone proposed to their girlfriend in it!) and a number of celebrity appearances, including Christopher Lloyd and Michael J Fox. Another big name was sci-fi legend Sigourney Weaver, not to mention cast members from Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers and a whole lot more.

The place also had great artists, merchandise stands and comics as well. One slight downside of this was we were a bit cut off in our small press section (see pic below) but overall the experience made up for it!

A good example of this was thanks to Gizzy’s roaming promo- We met a lot of cosplayers who very kindly gave their time to pose with us. Here’s a selection (if you see yourself by all means tweet us, email us reynardcity@gmail.com or Facebook message us and we’ll credit you- really appreciate your support! )

Of course it wasn’t all promo, so here are some other pics from the day just to mix it up!



And below are some brilliant celebrities who kindly took time out to pose with our comic


For us it was an interesting convention- some people on forums may have heard negative stories and there is some truth in it. However it should be said the volunteers work very hard at these events and deserve great credit.

We made some good connections (hopefully more news on that soon, watch this space!), sold some comics and merch and met some fascinating people.

In future we may tackle how we do cons a bit differently- every time we go is a learning experience. But I do want to say a big thank you to everyone involved. Whether you are a celebrity posing with a picture or a nice stranger offering advice help and support is always appreciated!

Jurassic World review

OK I know this review is a bit late but then been crazy busy building up to London Film and Comic Con. However given my love of the original this had to be done (and yes I am aware numerous others have got there first including the fab Nostalgia Critic)

Strangely enough I have my nostalgic connection- my sister took me and my brother to see the original. Twenty years on it remains a great blockbuster- terrific cast (including Sam Neill, Laura Dern, the late Sir Richard Attenborough and yes Jeff Goldblum), effects that still hold up and the perfect level of suspense and action.

So it was a mix of excitement and despair- while it received praise I was also aware of the bland Die Hard 4.0 and the massive sadness burst that was Blues Brothers 2000 (Why?!)

I think it’s interesting- a film about the theme park being real feels like a theme park ride. There are some good moments- Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard have a good sub-African Queen repressed/wild person dynamic going on (though in response to Joss Whedon the person who is a stiff who ignores family duties also includes Tim Allen and Arnie so it’s a bit unfair to pin that on this film) and there are some nice comic moments and references scattered (although one particular cameo is a bit odd and out of place.)

While some people consider Vincent D’Onforio’s character cliched (and arguably they have a point) I’ve always liked him as an actor and he does it well. Everyone else is solid but the film does miss a presence on the level of Sam Neill or Jeff Goldblum.

There are some fantastic scenes in it but for me the CGI can’t escape looking a bit machine tooled. Fortunately this is cancelled out by the action sequences and a decent pace.

Overall then the film can’t match up to the original (and in all fairness I didn’t expect it to) but what it does do is give you a fun ride that feels like a complete film, something I didn’t quite get from Age of Ultron (a decent film but there was the feeling it was setting up several other things). If you haven’t seen it yet I do recommend it, ideally taking your children or younger sibling with you so they can get the same excitement I did going with my sister and younger bro seeing the first one!

Reynard City News Roundup

It’s been a while since our last blog- it’s starting to get hectic as we prepare for London Film and Comic Con. With only a couple of months to go we’re looking to push as hard as we can and get the most from it (also if I can get a photo with Christopher Lloyd that’ll be awesome!)

Remember- if you have a business, comic or commissions page and would like to be promoted at LFCC or any number of other events click here for our advertise page or get in touch (reynardcity@gmail.com)

Therefore here’s a quick blog to update you on a few things-


reynard city meme 3

Reynard City Issue 1 now on Youtube

John Paul Guerra did an intro video  a couple of months ago explaining what exactly Reynard City is (if you haven’t seen the video watch it!)

Here is the first of his video versions of the comics. If you want to promote one of our video issues check out our sponsor page.


Reynard City Rap Battle

Big thanks to Dan Wright for making this (and voicing Squirmy) and to Morgan Straughan Comnick for guest vocals as AK Girl! If you have any ideas for rap battles let us know in the comments, talk to us on Twitter, Facebook, Deviantart or email reynardcity@gmail.com


New to the Den- Pegstar Designs 

Happy to announce the addition of Pegstar Designs to our foxy gang of merchandise people!

And what do they do? Well look at this pic below and then add Reynard City pics. These are made to order so you can get your own super stylish shoes!

To check out them and the other awesome people in the Den click here.


Pegstar Flash Shoes

Project Updates

*Comic- Jamel Markee will be doing the artwork for Issue 27 (Squirmy’s Revenge Pt 2)

*Animation- Currently awaiting developments re possible grants. There have been delays with some software issues but rest assured Samuel Victor is working hard on it.

* Video Game- We have a new programmer on board and are working on an update of the game. Know it’s been in a long time in development but we’re hopeful the process will be a bit quicker now.

*Radio Show- Still awaiting word from BBC but the cast are very keen and we’ll be recording a full series regardless of whether it’s picked up or not (and who knows it might turn up as a bonus for a certain fundraiser at a later point?)

*Graphic Novel- More news to come on this later (ties in with some other things)

*Kickstarter- Ordering in Issue 26 comics for the backers that wanted them, Dan Butcher working on commissions for our top backers Brad Walker and Tim Marsham.

If there’s anything I’ve missed let me know- you can follow us on Twitter @ReynardCity, email reynardcity@gmail.com, follow us on Facebook or comment below!

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Interview with Susie Gander

Susie Gander, Dan Butcher and Will Turner at London MCM

Susie Gander, Dan Butcher and Will Turner at London MCM


Alongside Dan Butcher Susie Gander is one of the longest serving Reynard City artists. She has recently been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and has worked hard to raise money and awareness. She has also released a comic on Deviantart called Periwinkle, a semi-autobiographical story. 


For those reading for the first time please introduce yourself!

Hi my name is Susie, I am a huge lover of art, comics and movies. My favourite artist of all time is Micheal Turner- A huge inspiration for me, taken from us far too soon.

I graduated from University with a degree in digital animation specialist and still enjoy some good old fashioned finger painting !


Where did the idea for Periwinkle come from?

Perry Winkle is quite a personal one. I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (Cancer of the Lymphatic system) in November last year and felt I needed some sort of outlet to put where I was feeling. Kind of like a Jekyll and Hyde scenario!

There is the realism of the situation, but then there Perry Winkle, the inner super hero, keeping morale up and kicking its backside. Its a mix of action/adventure with a touch of drama :)

A little bit different, but not all doom and gloom as you would think, quite the opposite in fact.


Did you create Periwinkle to take your mind off the illness?

Yes and No. Working on Perry Winkle and the “Pimp up your profile” keeps the mind focused on something else. So you’re not sat there mulling over the what if’s and maybes. You don’t get the chance to over think the situation your in. At the same time as an artist you picture EVERYTHING !

So when the doctor says “You have a blood clot in your neck” – I instantly stopped listening and can picture a huge monster squeezing my veins like Capri Sun and completely missed what the doctor said … luckily my husband was on hand to take notes!


Would you say that art has helped you as a creative outlet and a distraction and would you recommend it to other patients?

Most definitely, its a great outlet and it can be anything at all, textiles, fashion, pottery etc , the list is endless, whatever you makes you happy, just do it !

Macmillan actually hold art sessions for cancer patients. I haven’t had the chance to attend one of these, but highly recommend it for those who haven’t been yet or were wondering about it. You can lose yourself in a painting for near on 12 hours sometimes !

12 hours cancer free. Just you, the paint and your music.

Issue 23 by Susie Gander

What first attracted you to doing art for Reynard City?

It was just so different to anything else around. It was zany and reminded me of Saturday mornings when you used to run downstairs to catch the cartoons on SM:TV live or Live and Kicking (showing my age!).

AK is a great character, without a doubt my favourite of the group. She’s witty and a little sarcastic but still vulnerable. Not often you get characters like that, thats why Reynard City is so clever in what it does :)

AK Girl, Wondervixen and Periwinkle by Susie Gander

AK Girl, Wondervixen and Periwinkle by Susie Gander


Who would you have on your superhero team?

Oh wow .. how long we got? Ok, i’ll break it down. IRON MAN – He a genius… and he’s Robert Downey Jr ( No Pepper Allowed!)

What are your plans for the future?

Main plan is to finish off Perry Winkle, then fly off for holiday after chemotherapy is all finished. Recharge the batteries. Once back would like to get stuck into a new project, would love to do a spooky horror or an adult based ( not that kind !) of comic book. I am however a horrendous writer, never know where to start.


I just want to say that I have been impressed with your professionalism as an artist. I would also like to add that you have been through a lot and I have admired how you have faced up to it. Whatever happens next I wish you all the best and will support you as much as I can.

Thank you so much! The JustGiving Page was raised for the Lymphoma Association, I had never heard of Hodgkins Lymphoma before and struggled to read all the literature provided. The LA website and documents simplified it all and made it easier to understand.  You can donate at https://www.justgiving.com/SusieGander. We are just £1 away from the big £1,500!







You can read Periwinkle and check out some other excellent art by Susie on her gallery by clicking here. Please show your support and give what you can on her JustGiving page.

If you are doing something for charity please let us know and we’ll be happy to do a guest blog with you (email reynardcity@gmail.com for more info!)


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