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“Mad as a box of frogs and all the better for it” Samuel Victor, Night Of The Living Dead 3D

“Thundercats on crack” Gizzy Linnell

Three superhero foxes (AK Girl, Wondervixen and Hyper Rob) come to Earth to stop an evil robot fox (Mega Fox). What follows is a story of galactic warfare, destruction, caramel inflation and subconscious weirdness.

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Deadpool Review

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WARNING- I always aim to keep spoilers to a minimum. However inevitably some details will be shared. If you want to go in totally fresh don’t read on. Also for parents- please be aware this is not a superhero film for kids. Ultimately it’s a genre and that means some titles won’t be for all ages.

Deadpool is a film that has been long awaited by fans and star/producer Ryan Reynolds alike. The character has become omnipresent in Marvel comics recently, not to mention a big following on the cosplay circuit (not to have a go, I’ve seen some awesome ones!)

I must admit I was cynical at first- his appearance in X-Men Origins Wolverine was misguided to say the least (recently had the “pleasure” of watching it for the first time and those on Twitter will have seen my views on it!)

Then I saw the initial test footage that was fun but I wondered if its tone could sustain a whole film. Likewise the trailers were enjoyable and the range of clever skits covering everything from public health to Manchester United added to a sense of playfulness.

Another concern was Kickass represented something I wasn’t a fan of- it seemed to lurch from ironic parody to dark grittiness. While there are occasional lurches in tone (sometimes more serious, sometimes the violence is darker rather than comedic) this is a film that mostly sticks to its remit of being a post-modern, foul mouthed R rated version of The Mask.

For me that is not intended as an insult- if you read that and thought “that’s not for me” fair enough. For those that want jokes poking fun at the superhero genre, sharp one liners, blink and you’ll miss it sight gags and banter then you will get all you want from it.

Usually in these situations the villain is the weakest part. However in this instance while we don’t have someone quite on a par with Sir Ian McKellen or Tom Hiddleston this villain does seem to fit the world of the film, both sadistic but also playful. Arguably the love story is a bit cliched however much they try to dress it up.

The other thing that may wind people up is where it fits in regarding continuity (though the film’s IMDB page seems to have a great variation on “a wizard did it”). However it is also fair to say if you know the character that shouldn’t be an issue and it wouldn’t surprise me there were some deleted scenes covering that.

Ironically though this film also provided the best on screen version of Colossus, a character I’ve always liked. Aside from the look they also nailed that he is essentially a decent guy and it is a credit to the writers that he provides a contrast to the gleeful violence of Deadpool.

Overall for me personally this delivered what I hoped and a bit more- if you want to have a good time with a fun character this is worth watching!

Zoolander 2 And Reeves & Mortimer- Double Review!

Issue 27 is still being worked on, we’re really sorry for the delay but have had issues with getting artists back on board. We are super grateful to Susie Gander and Mark Schot who have stepped in, please support them and the rest of the team by donating to our Patreon page- the more support we get, the easier it will be to put out regular content!

It’s been a fun weekend and two things came out that have provoked nostalgia- one is Zoolander 2, the sequel to the fashion industry rib poker Zoolander starring Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson and Will Ferrell (and of course Billy Zane).

Around the same time surrealist light entertainers Reeves and Mortimer have gone on tour to celebrate 25 years of comedy with live Best of show The Poignant Moments.

Both are things I love, both have been released after a long time away (in the case of Vic and Bob it’s been a decade or so since their last live show).  Is nostalgia what it used to be? Let’s find out.

As always I try to keep spoilers to a minimum. But if you don’t want to be spoiled at all, don’t read and go in fresh!


Zoolander 2

The original Zoolander is beloved by me in the same way as I love Robocop. Now if you think me saying that is weird I understand but let me explain- both are films that appear on the surface to be dumb but actually have a measure of smart satire behind them. The joy is on two levels- you can have fun and enjoy the silliness but equally there is more to it than you might think.

Sadly for Zoolander 2 the satire aspect of the film has been watered down. While there are some nice jabs at the vapidity and over ironicness that Millenials are often accused of for the most part this is probably one aspect that disappoints most. On another is a problem that Anchorman 2 was (in my opinion a bit unfairly) accused of- the repeated gags that were unexpected highlights of the original film.

I would argue this is worse in Zoolander 2 because Anchorman has the advantage of a more ensemble cast and Anchorman 2 did take advantage of that. Zoolander 2’s mistake is in elevating some characters while sidelining others. While some characters in a film can be described as “boring” often they are needed to give the zaniness some grounding.

Of course you’re probably reading this and thinking “But what about the cameos?”

Here’s the thing- the ones you’ve probably already seen in the trailer are fun. But others are built up but unsurprisingly fail to match David Bowie in the original for numerous reasons (not quite as random, not quite as funny, the person in question is great but isn’t David Bowie and nor is he unveiled in the manner of a tiger- for any R and M fans reading this I ap0logise for the spoiler but I couldn’t resist!)

However there are a couple that will take you by surprise and provide some great jokes. That’s the thing- there are some fun gags and moments of silliness that make Zoolander 2 still a lot of fun and worth watching. But it’s also fair to say those who don’t get it won’t be converted and the likelihood is that fans will have it in their collection but probably won’t play it as often as Stiller, Wilson and Ferrell’s other greatest hits.


Reeves and Mortimer: The Poignant Moments

You’re probably wondering why I’m reviewing this- here’s the thing, Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer are my comedy heroes and I love them. Therefore consider this a fair warning of my total bias!

Essentially this show is like a greatest hits tour of their impressive comedy output- you get characters and routines from Big Night Out, The Smell of , Bang Bang, Shooting Stars and even some from online show Afternoon Delights (Btw fans not all the vids I picked are in the show!)

For those who don’t know essentially their show is like a surreal version of a light entertainment show- a quiz could involve someone extracting a pound coin from a tramp in a box, a bizarre ramble featuring fictionalised versions of Lovejoy or Burt Reynalds, a dance or saucepan fight can arise out of nowhere or you could be treated to a song about the dangers of loose muesli. If this sounds too weird for you (or you’ve clicked the links above and are bemused) suffice it to say Vic and Bob may not be for you.

Aside from sketch shows, they’ve also done a sitcom (House of Fools), revolutionised the panel game with Shooting Stars, comedy drama (Catterick) as well as some less successful prime time experiments (Families At War was fun but a bit too odd for the Saturday night crowd while their remake of Randall And Hopkirk was an intriguing but ultimately flawed attempt at playing it a bit straighter).

And this essentially is the difference between Zoolander 2 and Vic and Bob- aside from having a lot more material to choose from they have combined them in clever ways. Thankfully unlike Zoolander 2 they haven’t tried too hard to “update” what they do and that’s all part of the charm. The title “Poignant Moments” became sadly a bit too relevant after Bob had to have heart surgery but thankfully they were able to continue the tour.

Of course inevitably this means some people’s favourites may not make the mix (as Bob explained some sketches don’t translate to stage). However I would argue the ones they chose got a great reaction and it really did feel like we were all enjoying a laugh with them. To top it off my favourite song was the encore!

Overall it was worth going to Ipswich (and as a Norwich fan it pains me to type that!) and if you’re a fan I heartily recommend booking tickets while you can!




Issue 27, my birthday plus future issue update

Issue 27 pg8

First up apologies for lack of updates on this- we have been having some delays and trying to get it together has been hard. Personally I’m gutted as this is a story I’ve been looking forward to telling for years now!

However what is clear is for our artists the one page a week system doesn’t work- it’s hard because I want to balance out updated content for our readers, ways to get money through sponsorship as well as giving them time to do the work. As with a lot of things you try sometimes the practise doesn’t quite match up to the theory!

Thankfully there is some good news- Issue 1 colorist Mark Schot has rejoined us and will be coloring Susie Gander’s remaining Issue 27 pages. I realise it’s a case of being thrown in the deep end but I really appreciate them stepping in.

Reynard City Issue 1

As I said before we have a new Patreon page set up, filled with some great extras including an exclusive gallery by Foxy Bop Cosplay-extras start from as little as £1 per month and once we get to 10 backers I’ve got a little non-RC extra up my sleeve. You can be a Patron here or if you’d prefer to do a one off donation to check out the gallery you can send a donation to our Paypal.


Also this Tuesday is my birthday so if you want to be awesome a donation, a fan art competition entry (the deadline is my birthday!) or sharing the site on Twitter, Facebook, Deviantart etc would be a super awesome present!

Big foxy thanks as well to our sponsors- if you want to be fab and have your own business, website page, commission page etc you can sponsor our Norcon table (amongst other things) to help spread the word (more info here).

Can’t emphasise this enough- this project NEEDS you. We’ve got some big plans for 2016 and the more help we get the more we can make happen!

Once again foxy thanks for your support, patience and passion. This project means everything to me and it’s inspiring to know people out there want this. Thank you.


Heroic Squeaky Bottle

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How you can help Reynard City

I have had some people ask me “what is happening with Issue 27”. Frankly we’ve had some delays and it has not been ideal- I don’t want to get into it because some people have problems that need to be dealt with it and it would be unfair of me to post them here.

The issues we have had means I have had to rethink how we fund Reynard City- it is difficult because we want to get the best deal for our artists while at the same time keeping the comic free to download.

With this in mind we’ve set up a few things to support the comic and to give you something for your money

  1. The Patreon Page– Long promised, now finally up! £1 a month gets you an exclusive gallery, first look at comics, videos and more. We also offer other special extras as well as more information on our overall goals.
  2. Ebay goodies- Keep an eye out as we’ll be posting more items on eBay, the first being our special Fox Boxes (this week’s special is signed artwork!)
  3. Merchandise– Awesome stuff is still available from the Den!
  4. You can also donate via Paypal

I can’t emphasise this enough- we want to keep the comic free but at the same time the people who work on this project deserve your support. If we get enough people backing us (even at £1 a month) this can keep us going.

If you want to know more email me reynardcity@gmail.com and I’ll be happy to update you.

Thank you so much to all the sponsors and everyone who backed us on Kickstarter. The support is really appreciated but we need all the help we can get to keep this going and achieve our goals in 2016. Thank you.



The Hateful Eight review

SPOILER WARNING: I will be discussing an actor appearing in this film you may or may not know about. Aside from that I will keep it as spoiler free as possible but if you want to go in totally fresh watch the film first!


The problem with Tarantino is that his best came early on- Resevoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction remain amazing films that are rightly quoted in movie lists and screenwriting bibles.

For me the rest of his films vary in quality- Jackie Brown is different in tone and is less crowdpleasing (but for my money under-rated), Kill Bill Vol 1 was trashy fun while Vol 2 was less so, Inglorious B****ds and Django Unchained were good but didn’t quite hang together.

The Hateful Eight for me is much more structurally satisfying than recent efforts. It’s intense but it does require patience (but then I’m a sucker for classic Westerns so this doesn’t bother me).

The Hateful Eight is essentially a cross between a whodunnit and High Noon- eight supposedly loosely connected strangers (played by Kurt Russell, Samuel L Jackson, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tim Roth, Michael Madsen, Bruce Darn and Walton Goggins) come together in a blizzard. Over the course of a night secrets are revealed and the body count mounts.

Now for the spoiler bit- Channing Tatum appears and this stranger that appears indicates that maybe, just maybe him playing Gambit isn’t as much of a stretch as people think.

For the most part I really enjoyed the film. However if I was a producer I’d have a couple of notes-

  1. I have no prob with violence in a Tarantino film, that’s a given. That being said the way Jennifer Jason Leigh’s character is treated is at times dispropotionate and excessive. And yes I get that her character is a murderer but I do feel they could have cut back a bit and could still make their point.
  2.  For a writer who is the “king of dialogue” (thanks Epic Rap Battles of History) he really needs to find words other than “b****” and “n****”. Now the argument that in this setting people really would talk like that is countered by Tarantino’s non-naturalistic stylistic flourishes.

However these two minor issues weren’t enough to put me off. If you like instant gratification this film isn’t for you either and if you’re not a Tarantino fan this won’t convert you.

While I appreciate some people won’t be able to see this due to issues with the distributor if you can go and see it and you are a fan I get the feeling you won’t hate this!


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