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Welcome to Reynard City, a Saturday morning cartoon in webcomic form!

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“Mad as a box of frogs and all the better for it” Samuel Victor, Night Of The Living Dead 3D

“Thundercats on crack” Gizzy Linnell

Three superhero foxes (AK Girl, Wondervixen and Hyper Rob) come to Earth to stop an evil robot fox (Mega Fox). What follows is a story of galactic warfare, destruction, caramel inflation and subconscious weirdness.

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Issue 25 cover


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Issue 26 pg 10

Artwork by Rosie Neal

Based on a story by Wo-Nellie

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Issue 26 pg 9

Artwork by Rosie Neal

Based on a story by Wo-Nellie

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Supervillain Spotlight #1: Mega Fox




After last week’s focus on the heroes, this week our attention turns to the villains. This week we kick off with our head bad guy Mega Fox.



Mega Fox was created on the planet Animal Kingdom by the gangster Dante Rodriguez, the father of future superhero Hyper Rob (aka Guillermo Roberto del Zorro Rodriguez). He was designed to establish order- unfortunately for Dante his conclusion was his power hungry master was the root of the chaos on the planet and killed him, deciding to establish his own order.

Now Mega Fox works as commander of a group of evil aliens known as The Consortium (imagine a UN of evil aliens) intent on taking over all planets, dimensions and universes. He is also helped (and occasionally hindered) by dimensional custodian Warp King (More on him in a future spotlight!) but all is not as it seems…



Unbreakable- There is a speech in the M Night Shamylan film Unbreakable about soldier villains and “villains who fight the hero with their mind.” Now personally I love this film and prefer it to The Sixth Sense and in my opinion this was his last truly great film before his slide in quality (however I know there are people out there that disagree). This speech influenced how I wanted to write Mega Fox- a character who was both physical and imposing but also intelligent…

Bane- To be fair there are a number of villains out there that are both smart and physically imposing. Kingpin from the Spiderman cartoons was an excellent example, both very calculating but also extremely hard to fight due to his enormous size. Arguably the best example of this in recent times has been Tom Hardy as Bane- he had a very difficult act to follow in Heath Ledger’s Joker. True, everyone has joked about the weird voice but in my opinion he is a fantastic character, breaking Batman both physically and psychologically.

Megatron- Of course a robot villain with “Mega” in his name will invite comparison with Transformers’ Megatron. While there are some similarities Mega Fox is somewhat less dictatorial than Megatron and there is a layer of humour that I would argue isn’t really present in the character.

The opening sequence of Sonic SatAM- If you look carefully a robot fox appears early on in the intro. I don’t know why but he creeped me out a bit. It’s a bit like Batman- you end up taking on something you fear!


Key issues

Issue 1- No messing about, from the start we know he means business!

Issue 11- A pretty major twist in this one, in which we see Mega Fox’s plan get REALLY nasty.

Issue 12- Mega Fox makes a deal with tycoon Michael Knox…but all is not as it seems!

Issue 24As with Issue 11 this is another one with a big twist!


Q and A

Q. What music would you listen to (John Paul Guerra, Facebook)?

A. I like music that inspires evil- Wagner, the Imperial March, pretty much anything that Simon Cowell is involved in.

Q. What brand of metal polish do you use (Gizzy Linnell, Facebook)?

A. I have maintenance droids that handle that…not that I need it.

Q. What supervillain would you team up with (Nicholas Webb, Artist)?

A. I don’t believe in “teaming up” as that implies the other villain would be on my level. However given his physical size, intelligent strategy and interesting vocal ability I would go with Bane (but he would have to serve me).

Q. And why do you have an AK Girl watch (Also Nicholas Webb-http://fav.me/d4pekpy)?

A. I warned Caramel Girl of the consequences of distributing that picture…

Q. How did you feel when asked to join the Totalitarian Warlords and Termination Squadron (Dan Wright, Pandragon Publishing)?

A. I heard that recording. I seem to be continually mistaken for this “Megan Fox” person who it seems to me has no record of evil activity and is actually some form of “actress.” Needless to say this did not impress me.




Now you’ve got to know Mega Fox…any questions? Next week we’ll be profiling Warp King, you can also post questions to him below!

Issue 26 pg 8

Artwork by Rosie Neal

Based on a story by Wo-Nellie

Sponsored by Tweeturbiz



Iss26 pg8


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Superhero Spotlight #4: Dr Antibiotix, Rotecol and Tux

Note- This is the last Superhero Spotlight…Next week the focus is on the villains! Get your questions in to the head honcho Mega Fox in the comments page or email reynardcity@gmail.com


Every superhero needs some kind of support- whether it’s Alfred and Lucius Fox with Batman, Jarvis with Iron Man or Mickey coaching Rocky you need someone there to get you through the tough times. In the case of Reynard City you have three key members of the hero’s support team: Dr “Anty” Antibiotix, Rotecol and Monsieur Tux.

Some people may ask “How come the three foxes got superpowers and they didn’t?” One answer is bad luck. The other (to paraphrase a certain Liam Neeson movie) is that they each have “a certain set of skills” as you will see below!



Reynard City Issue 11 preview

Dr Anty runs the Alternative Medicine Clinic in Reynard City. On the surface he seems like a normal doctor (and yes, he is modelled on Morgan Freeman in the Dark Knight!) However he is also a bit quirky and his good intentions do not always go to plan.

One key aspect of his work is that he provides therapy for the heroes. This idea partially came about from an episode of Lois and Clark: The Adventures of Superman, that sees Superman unwittingly influenced by red kryptonite when he sees a therapist. After all superheroes always seem very solitary figures and I liked the idea of them having someone to talk to!

But Anty is more than just a shoulder to cry on- like Getafix in the Asterix comics he also provides a variety of potions and cures to help the heroes when need be…

Key issues


Issue 7: Anty talks to Sal to find out why she chose not to find the others right away. But is she telling the whole truth?


rc_cover copy


Bonus issue: Revelation- Dr Anty tries to get Sal to open up. Unfortunately he learns a little bit too much…




Issue 22: Assessment- After Sal is arrested (can’t say any more, see the previous issues!) Anty is assigned to discover if Sal is truly ready to go back to being a superhero, forcing her to confront some uncomfortable truths in the process!






Fun fact- The name Rotecol comes from the German word for “red cabbage”. No idea why I went with that name but it seems to fit.

As with Anty on the surface Rote seems like an ordinary, surly mechanic. However underneath it all he is also a genius, capable of producing incredible gadgets that can save the day just as the heroes need them. His look is modelled on Kris Kristofferson- now I know a lot of you will think “he’s a rip off of Whistler from Blade.”

You are half right-Kristofferson played Whistler in the Blade films but that’s not why I modelled him on Kristofferson. The reason is my Dad and older brother are big fans of his music and indeed there is one song in particular that is key to this character.

Rotecol is the inventor of the warp engine and he built into a vehicle known as The Explorer (the warp will be explained more when we profile Warp King!) However his obsession with creating this device is what ruined his relationship with his wife and family.

What does this have to do with Kris Kristofferson? Well he wrote a song called “Darby’s Castle” in which a man becomes obsessed with building a dream house for his wife, unaware that his obsession is ironically what drives him apart from the woman he loves the most. In Rotecol’s case this irony is compounded as he realises the danger of travelling through the warp. Therefore this makes him quite a tetchy character and this does mean he has a tendency to clash with Anty, although they usually manage to come together for the sake of the team…


Key issues



Issue 8: The Signal- Mega Fox hypnotises Rotecol, using him to summon Warp King, the ruler of the dimension between time and space.

The Explorer Diaries The story of how Rotecol built the Explorer and what it cost him in the process




Tux has not appeared in the comic too often- he is a mysterious fellow who communicates solely in French (this was influenced by a scene in Jim Jarmusch’s Ghost Dog: Way of the Samurai, in which a hired assassin is friends with a French ice cream seller, despite the fact neither can speak the same language). Tux loves to cook but he also loves his friends- he is committed to making them feel better with his food.

While we haven’t seen much of him yet there is more to come from him…


Key issues


Issue 5: The Search For Sally- Vibes meets Tux in a cafe in Reynard City where he loses his job due to his obsessiveness.


Do you want to know more about Anty, Rotecol or Monsieur Tux? Post a question in the comments and we’ll add them to the blog!


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