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“Mad as a box of frogs and all the better for it” Samuel Victor, Night Of The Living Dead 3D

“Thundercats on crack” Gizzy Linnell


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Issue 25 cover







The Story So Far- AK Girl, Wondervixen and Hyper Rob have come from the planet Animal Kingdom to Earth’s Reynard City in order to stop the evil Mega Fox. However as well taking on a bewildering array of bizarre villains (including disgruntled former caterer Caramel Girl, ditzy henchoperative Insect Girl and the always unpredictable monster supplier Warp King) the team face AK Girl’s bizarre caramel allergy, internal disputes and a dark secret that threatens to destroy them all…







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Issue 26 pg 5

Artwork by Rosie Neal

Based on a story by Wo-Nellie

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Sensei Mike confronts AK Girl in our latest Reynard City issue 26 page


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Superhero Spotlight 2: Wondervixen

 This is the second of our new feature where we take a closer look at our characters. This week it’s the turn of Sally Joanna Sabrina Vixen, better known as Wondervixen…


Wondervixen by SonaWolfGenie

Wondervixen by SonaWolfGenie

Character summary


“I love WonderVixen because she is a strong and sassy girl who I can relate to” Jess Austin, Reynard City Sales Team Leader


“”I like Wondervixen because she’s Reynard City’s blonde bombshell with a dark side – don’t mess with her!” Rachel Keeley of Keelock, singer of Hyper Rob/Wondervixen ballad Maybe Someday



Sally Joanna Sabrina Vixen looks like she has it all- a former beauty queen (third place) who has gone on to form the leader role of the Reynard City team. She has the gift of super strength, flight and super agility, as well as wielding her pole (complete with hidden taser).


But underneath it all Sal has a problem- she sees herself as fat and keeps hearing voices in her head. To make matters worse she lies to her friends and strange things seem to keep happening around her…




Reynard City Issue 7

“Knowing the influences that the writers used to create Wondervixen has been incredibly useful to me. She is going to be a great character and I hope I can do her justice!

At first I thought I just needed to think of a voice and a bit of characterisation, but the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to delve into Wondervixen.

The reason being is that as a stage actor I like to delve into different layers of my character so I thought that shouldn’t be any different for taking on the role of Wondervixen. And after all she does have many personas!” Laura Landamore, voice of Wondervixen for the Radio Norfolk project



Princess Sally from Sonic Satam- For those of you who know Sonic Satam is the fan name for the second animated Sonic the Hedgehog series. While the first series was wacky and had a lot of Warner Bros-esque slapstick, this was darker in tone. What was interesting was the inclusion of Princess Sally- a squirrel who was in effect a love interest for Sonic.


The first influence was the name- It seemed to fit the character. However the character also had a seriousness that contrasted well with the casual attitude of Sonic. Those of you who know the comic know that it’s more Sal and Vibes’ friendship that has this kind of “odd couple” vibe, both in a funny and slightly more serious way…


Jean Grey from X-Men  People assume because Jean Grey is a psychic that she was a big influence on AK Girl. Again for people who have read the comics you will know that in character terms she is closer to Sal. Sal is a bit more serious minded and also hides a darker side that she struggles to deal with.


Cheetarah from Thundercats- Now the name Wondervixen does obviously have parallels with Wonder Woman. However in terms of her look I’d say she is closer to Cheetarah.


The Picture of Dorian Grey/ The Nutty Professor- I have always had a fascination with stories about alter egos and with superheroes you do sometimes wonder- do they ever wonder about who they are? In Sal’s case there is the additional dilemma of having body dysmorphia (a real condition in which people see themselves as fat when they really aren’t). In both these stories there is a sense of a person struggling to reclaim their soul, albeit one is more dramatic and the other is more for comedic purposes.


A Doll’s House- Ibsen’s story is an interesting one as it is about someone hiding secrets from their partner and generally being treated in a superficial way (hence the title).


Grace Kelly in Rear Window- As we all know Hitchcock had a thing for blondes. But Grace Kelly was more than someone to shriek in horror and especially in this film- she is confident, playful and her relationship with James Stewart is just as engaging as the thriller plot. While we have allured to the dark side of Sal, she is equally someone who can play off people with a similar dry sense of humour.


Key Stories

 Issue 19 artwork by Bijoy and Dan

* Issue 7- Sal talks with Dr Anty about her time in New Jamestown and why she didn’t

Go back to find her friends.

  • Issue 9- Sal risks a mental breakdown dealing with a demanding diva (and a mysterious Mexican stalker.
  •  Issue 17- We learn the truth about the voice in Sal’s head.
  • Issue 19- A mysterious face from Sal’s past brings trouble to Reynard City.
  • Issue 20- Vibes and Guillermo go into a villain’s mind to save Sal.
  • Issue 22- Dr Anty forces Sal to confront some difficult truths.
  • Bonus issue Chubby Little Secret- A 2 page mini comic about Sal’s past.
  • Bonus issue Revelation- Dr Anty has a therapy session with Sal.



RC Issue 21 Pg 9




Q and A


Wondervixen jump attack www.reynardcity.com

Wondervixen’s jump attack by Jamel Markel


Q. How did Sal fall in love with Guillermo (Louis Yamato, Forum)?

A (Sal): I was working as a waitress in a cafe in Pinball City. I was finally able to go my own way and not have the pressure of learning how to walk with poise or deliver some corny speech I had no real belief in. What that did mean was working long hours and generally not having much to my name, with no real support from my Mum, who was moaning that I was “wasting my gifts.”

One day a guy rushed into the cafe. He said his name was “Guillermo”. Now I don’t know if you believe in love at first sight or not. But for me personally at that moment something clicked- even though he was talking about robots and invasions and all kinds of crazy stuff, you could tell he was serious and that was when I ran away with him.

To be honest it’s a good thing I did- pretty soon after that Pinball City and most of the planet Animal Kingdom was taken over by Mega Fox and his goons. Guillermo saved me and I can never forget that. We have been through a lot and to be honest the thought of losing him scares me. I dropped everything for him and if I could relive it all again…I’d do exactly the same thing a hundred times over.


Q.What made you give Sal body dysmorphia? (Van Hikari, Forum)

A (Rob): I think the common link with a lot of the influences of the character is repression, particularly the dark side. I think the dysmorphia (aside from being a real condition) is symbolic of her inner struggle.

Q.What are your personal favorite qualities about Wondervixen’s character? (Mariah Chastain, Facebook)


A. (Rob) For me personally I like the layers of the character- she is someone who works hard and doesn’t always get the reward for it and I think everyone can relate to that.


Q.Who would you compare yourself to and why? (John Paul Guerra, Facebook group)


A (Sal): Well I suppose that would be my Mum- she had…how can I put this? High


Q. Do you dye your hair because you support the Canaries? (@Steakokidney, Twitter)


A (Sal): I don’t dye my hair…totally natural (Also wearing a white and blue costume doesn’t make me an Ipswich town supporter!)

Thanks everyone for your comments, quotes and questions- Next week it’ll be Hyper Rob! You can post your comments/questions on our Facebook, Twitter and Deviantart or post them here!


Issue 26 pg 4

Artwork by Rosie Neal

Based on a story by Wo-Nellie

Page sponsored by Just The Job Media

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Reynard City Issue 26 pg 4



Superhero spotlight: AK Girl

This blog was influenced by a fantastic conversation I had with Laura Landamore (who is voicing Sal/Wondervixen in our upcoming BBC Radio Norfolk pilot, fingers crossed we’ll get a series!) After discussing the character I realised I wanted to go into more depth about where these characters come from and why I feel they have a resonance with me. This week we begin with the psychic superstar herself AK Girl…


Mariah Chastain as AK Girl

Mariah Chastain as AK Girl


Character summary

AK Girl (Real name Veronica Hannah McAllister- however as the fans know her nickname is Vibes and she HATES being called Veronica) is a psychic superhero fox. She channels her psychic energy into various modes (Strength, speed, shield, stealth, steal and psychic.)

Some people reading this may then give her the “Mary Sue” tag (ie someone with a load of powers but no real weakness). The twist with AK Girl is her weakness- she inflates on contact with caramel, plus her powers depend on her mental focus, so it’s not like she’s perfect.

Furthermore she is not a flawless character- she is a bit of a showboater, she’s cheeky and she tends to rub people up the wrong way (heroes and villains alike!)

In terms of the plot Vibes is tasked with protecting Earth from the evil Mega Fox- she was told this from a young age as she was orphaned and sent to Mike’s Dojo after her parents were killed by ruthless fox gangsters. After this her sensei Mike (A four foot ant) taught her how to channel her powers (and also gave her the bizarre weakness she has, more info in this story)




The fact is no character just emerges from random- there tends to be some influences on the character and where they come from. Here are a few examples of characters who helped influence her-

The nature of psychic power- Usually with stories that have psychics in them they tend to be very serious characters. There is the sense that it’s all a burden and they hate this power. With Vibes I like the idea she channels this out and messes about with this power, making her more of a wisecracking Spidermanesque hero than a more brooding type.


Disney’s Robin HoodPure charm and I love the swagger that comes from this character! Like him Vibes believes in justice and fairness, but there is also that feeling she’s having great fun while she’s doing it!

X-Men Animated SeriesTwo characters were fairly prominent with Vibes. Surprisingly I’d say not Jean Grey despite the psychic power- Jubilee has the snarky attitude and the one liners while Rogue in this cartoon had bravado, a kind of “take no guff” approach that I’m a fan of. Plus the cartoon was pure awesome!

Sonic The Hedgehog- Another big influence. However as the story developed it was Vibes who inherited the cheeky nature of this character rather than the others. Also there was a story that featured the character swelling up that may have contributed to the weakness idea (though that did also come up in Earthworm Jim, Ninja Turtles and some other cartoons as well!)

AK Girl art card

AK Girl

Key Stories

With each character there are some stories where they take prominence, here’s a brief (spoiler-free) summary.

1. Yes Sensei- A prequel story showing how Vibes got her weakness.

2. Issue 2- Our first glimpse of her caramel weakness and the effect on her mind.

3. Issue 6- AK Girl v Caramel Girl

4. Issue 11- A very strong emotional story.

5. Issue 24- Vibes’ boyfriend gets kidnapped. Reactions to this story include “this is like I’m on drugs” to to others saying it’s “real and emotional”.



Q and A

(Got a question? We’ll update this blog with more as we get them)

Q (for AK Girl). If you could have a weakness other than caramel what would it be?(John Paul Guerra, Facebook)

A (by AK Girl). Good question- of course the answer is not at all thanks! But if I had to something like cooked tomatoes. Hate how they go squishy and ruin a fry up.

Q. How did you come up with the character? (Van Hikari, Reynard City Forum)

A. Good question- not an easy one to answer. At first she was like a love rival to Sally and an ex of Guillermo’s. Over time she developed more as a distinct character in her own right (Mainly thanks to the Arwz writing forum).  With regard to how he developed see the influences above!


Guest blog- Quirky Claus

Do you have a creative project you want to promote? Email a guest blog or request an interview by emailing reynardcity@gmail.com (Sponsors get priority)

It’s Christmas time and so we can expect the usual stories of Santa on his sleigh and all that. But this year we have a very different Christmas story to tell you about…

 “Quirky Claus… is a very different kind of story, whilst being unconventional, and even subversive at times, which in truth… let us be most honest, these are exactly the qualities without the merest doubt – children surreptitiously aspire to!”

Have you ever so wondered, what the naughty children get for Christmas, and whosoever happens to deliver… these little rascal’s presents?

If perhaps this is the case, without a shadow of a doubt this is the story for you…

Quirky Claus is the alternative tale of a mischievous Santa who with his not always so loyal of friendsTimothy the Toucan or A.K.A: Timothy, (surname – Toucan) lives deep in the snowy depths of the South Pole.

However, be careful to be good before Christmas, because if Quirky Claus hears you “have” been naughty?

You may instead get all kinds of strange and weird presents in your stocking: anything so surprising… as a long-necked giraffe, to even an extremely angry – fist-shaking armadillo!

Quirky Claus!


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